A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

In the End of Times

As we come closer to the end of times, it will get harder and harder to distinguish between what is good and what is of evil.  The physical proof of this world can and will deceive you; because things will get distorted, even “feeling the truth” will be harder to discern.  Earthly titles such as “king”, “queen”, “father”, “mother”, “brother”, and “sister” will be all marred.  Evil can use that against you, or even for you….the confusion is what satan is after, and will use it to his advantage.He will tells us to act on our emotions of lust, greed, and vanity…because it is okay.  He will tell us it is okay for have flaws, and that people have to love us the way we are.  If they don’t, then too bad.  Lies after lies, discrediting the Truth of God, and His Faithful, will continue to the point of persecution and extermination.

As extreme as these words are to read, that is the truth of what is happening.  Is it  in the way that we think…NO…it is happening on a more subtle level.  You see human nature is, to not respond to extremes…..but to respond to slow subtleties.  Why? Because the untrue is harder to detect with such mannerisms.  God’s faithful will be tested to the point of being unbearable, both  emotionally and physically.  But it is our duty to hang on…despite what the world around us will do.  Our ego and pride will tell us to fight…but God tells us He will take care of it all, in return of our faithfullness to Him.  I just think of how Mary, being the Mother of Jesus Christ, would have felt when seeing Jesus going through all He did….people ridiculing and killing her Son.  But yet, both Jesus Christ and Mary knew that THIS was God’s Will of both of them.  And that they have to remain faithful to the Will of God.  Not to act on their own will for our lives, but God’s Will for us.

In the end of times, we must make sure we have a strong foundation and relationship with the Father of Creation; and to completely understand the Purpose of Jesus’ Life.  When we have this strong foundation, God’s Discernment will be able to weed out even the most subtle of satan’s deceptions.  Once we do that, we will not be shaken by the deceptions of satan and his illusions and lies.  There is proof everywhere of this; and at the same time, there is also proof and evidence  of God’s Existence, as well.  Examine the difference in the deception of evil and the truth of God:


1.  EVIL– “Accept my flaws”; “Live your life your way”; “Do what makes you feel good”; “Don’t judge me for what I do”; “Respect my privacy”; “If you love me, you would…..”; “I earned this”

2.  GOD’s TRUTH–  “I have to fix my wrongs”; “I have to live according to God’s Laws, not my own”; “I must not fall to temptation of lust and greed”; “I should not judge others,because I myself am not perfect”; “I have nothing to hide, if I live in truth and honesty”; “Despite what you feel of me, I still love you…”; “I can not do anything without God”

God’s faithful will see it harder and harder to get by everyday.  But remember, even Jesus till the death of His Earthly Body, had to endure the most monsterous of human treatment, before returning back to Abba, Our Father in Heaven.  If He was not exempt, we should not feel that we are better than the Son of God to be exempt.


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