A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Did your lord die for your sake? Mine did. (via SpiritualPoetry’s Blog)

On this Good Friday, may we meditate on the Passion of Jesus. The pain and suffering He endured for the sake of providing all of Mankind Salvation….to form another path back to our Father in Heaven. He came here to end the rule of satan, and to conquer him, on behalf of the Father of Creation, and for all of Mankind.

As the Son of God, only He could carry the burden. To endure all He did could not be done by any human…but by a God Himself. As the Son of God, His Resurrection from His Earthly Body…is what sets Him apart from any other Prophet. Study and meditate on His Life…and see the wonder of His Life.

God Bless.

Did your lord die for your sake? Mine did. As I grow older, and discover my own faith….I just become more and more stronger as a Christian.  In my lifetime, I’ve come across and even studied other religions and faiths.  Though all profess Love in some shape or form; I look at their following base, and see how this love is translated in belief and practice.  This ultimately shows which belief has taught the true meaning of Love, as that to which God has expected for all of us to live our … Read More

via SpiritualPoetry’s Blog


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