A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.



Within these walls;

I keep hearing God’s Calls.

However, these walls have trapped me within my life;

With each step I take, so much hardship, so much strife.



Tears fall from my eyes;

Each day my soul, little by little dies.

From frustrations of having hardships for decades long;

Just one success is all I ask, to keep me strong.

The reason why I ask for this one thing;

Is to not burden anyone of whom I love, for them to not struggle or sting.

And to put me into the world so that I can answer these calls;

This is what it will bring.



I feel like an animal trapped in a cage;

At the mercy of these 4 walls;

With their floors as my stage.

A stage to go back and forth, pacing;

With thoughts in my head, those of God’s calls, racing.

About how to comfort others that are in pain;

 So that they will see days full of sunshine instead of rain.



I know God knows my heart;

And since I was a child, I have always felt that He has set me apart.

For despite the pain within my own life that I may be going through;

I would set it all aside, to take on the pain of another, on cue.



It is true when one has said;

When you are not doing what God has called you to do;

You feel dead.

In my dreams every night;

The things that I would dream of doing;

I would do with all my might.

From all the excitement, my heart begins to pound;

Hoping that its soundwaves would be strong enough to break my walls, all around.



 I just have to have faith on the fact;

That God and I have a pact.

These walls are up all around me;

And all of the struggles that were meant for me to be;

To have he right time, to be released into Life’s Sea.



So as I wait for these walls to come down;

I will keep praying to the Man up Above, the One with the Crown.

As I continue to hear God’s Calling;

I’ll try to stop all of my bawling.

Be happy that with God’s Word, you were enlightened;

That is sufficient to keep your days brightened.


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