A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Cries of God’s Children


As the days go by;

I hear how much louder, God’s Chrildren cry.

Each day for following God’s Word;

Their hearts are cut through with satan’s temptations and demons, leaving their souls stirred.



They try with all of their might;

To hang onto the path that Jesus once set, as right.

Human nature makes them so weary;

Making some days more than other, dreary.



To win over such souls is the most precious prize;

For satan will use anything and anyone in their path, decieving with kind words and lies.

A soul that is grounded in God’s Unconditional Love;

Can only be understood by God, Who is Up Above

Is satan’s most prized reward…

A soul that of God, he has stolen, to hold back for himself to hoard.



We must endure all, for our Creator’s Sake;

For Jesus showed us that this is the only way to defeat evil for our soul to take.

Christ has proven through His Life, Death, and Resurrection on this Earth;

God’s Ways are worth enduring all earthly trials to give rebirth…

To the world God originally planned for all of us to live and enjoy;

A world filled with peace, love and joy.



The battle between good and evil is rearing near;

Pray for all souls, that Jesus cared enough to die for…each one He held to Himself, close and dear.

As evil throws arrows and blows;

And God’s Children cry out with great pain and woes…



Remember, fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, Our Lord;

We hold the ultimate weapon against satan, heart and soul grounded in God’s Gospels…the ultimate sword.

For such a soul, though beaten and burned;

Will not stray away from God, due to the Promise He has laid out in His Word…that can’t be twisted and turned.



Cry out to the Lord Jesus…instead of out of frustration to the world and its ways;

For such ways are not of God…but of satan’s evil that he wants you to fall prey.

Jesus will save you…as long as you endure the race just He did;

By having a wholehearted faith in God..a heart and soul like a kid.

Defeat evil by defeating the divine weapons God gave you…

For eternity evil will regret getting you out of its grips ..in its own disappointment it will stew.


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