A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God’s Unfailing Love

Dear Abba:

I wake up each moring, in such awe.  I fall to my knees looking back at Your endless mercy upon me.  I see how much You love me with each new day.  Despite my human nature being weak and torn, to falling to  evil’s temptations….You continuously show me how much You love me, by giving so many chances to make the change within myself, to break my shackles of the ways of this world. 

I sob at the thought of your unfailing love.  You have constantly showed me Your Existence  in my everyday life…showing that despite my flaws and weaknesses, that You have never left my side.  Oh Father in Heaven, I am so unworthy of such love….yet, You never push me away because of my faults, when I come to You for comfort and forgiveness.  God never gives up on us, that one thing I have come to realize within my spiritual journey. Despite how many times we get angry or ignore Him….He still waits for us with open arms, ready to love us again. 

Oh how my heart aches of even trying to understand a portion of this kind of love, between The Father, and His Children.  He loved us so much as to providing another pathway back home to Him.  At moments where I feel that I can not forgive myself Father…Your Perfect Love nudges me on to remind me of Your Unfailing Love….

All You ask is for us to come to You…as a child would to their parent.  To Love You, the way You have loved us…Abba, Father….please tell me how I can find my way back home to You.  Tell me how I can be a worthy child of Yours?  There are times of when I do not even understand myself….but when I run to You…despite not having an answer…You take all my questions…my worries away. 

I lay down my pride, so that You can search within me the parts that are worthy of Your Unfailing Love.  I ask….no I beg… that You take away all that dishonors You, Father God.  I struggles with these things everyday.  I know that I can not do it alone…but with only Your Help and Guidance.

Thank You for unconditionally loving me.  I judge no one, for I know my flaws that I lay at Your Feet.  God, without You in my life, I would be so blind.  God, when my time is over on this Earth…all I ask is to be worthy of entering Your Kingdom to see Your Face.


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