A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Love of God

We must remember that anything in honor of God, done by us, should not seek recognition of this world; but should only seek God’s approval.  God does say in the Holy Bible that any act of kindness done in public or done with the intention of gaining earthly recognition, will NOT be recognized by God.  In fact it goes on to say, that the recognition that you gained on this earth for such a deed, will be the ONLY glory you will receive.

I’ve translated this to mean a few things in the past couple of years. 

I see a lot of people doing things for causes and charities…which are great and needed.  But is that alone enough in the Eyes of God, to compensate for the indulgent lives some live?  I think what God meant with the Bible verse that was paraphrased above is that Love should be a Way of Life, part of our everyday lives.  Like brushing our teeth and taking a bath…or getting dressed….like eating for survivial.  FOR SURVIVAL IN THE EYES OF GOD, love…acts of love has to become a part of everyday life.  The only way this can become a part of our everyday life, is by having God first in our lives.  When it becomes a part of everyday life, you will not seek recognition on this earthly realm…you do it because that is what your heart calls you to do.  That you will do it at any cost, because that is the only way you will be in total peace in doing what is right in the Eyes of God.

The Love of God is not defined by earthly definitions.  In fact, the biggest acts recognized in the Eyes of God, are those which might be considered as the smallest in the human eyes.  It’s not about huge cash donations to write off as a tax return….or about huge campaigns for a cause.  What is it about then, to God?  I’ll tell you….

1.  It’s about when you see someone in need of a job…and you have a way to offer them that job that could help them put food, clothing, and a roof over their family’s head. 

2.  It’s about when a friend asks to be by their side through a troubled time that you drop everything within your own, to help take that pain away. 

3.  It’s about giving the very last penny you have for someone that needs to get by for a daily need.  It’s about randomly calling someone to check and see how they are doing…just to let them know that someone is thinking of them…and caring.

4.  Listening to a random stranger who is in tears. 


Just to name a few….These are simple everyday things that even children do…or can do.  Animals, as pets, even provide that love through simples acts of companionship.  All of God’s Creations were created in love…to love.  We all were created to love…so to love should be within our nature….to do.  God’s rewards are forever…earthly rewards are temporary.  When you love to honor the God who created you…..your reward is a heart forever transformed in His Love.  Love which is unconditional in nature….beyond the world’s ways.  When you love to honor this earth…your reward will be a trophy on the mantle…a banquet or reception in your honor…all which will be done in that one moment.  Is it worth living from moment to moment? 

So explore what God’s Divine Love can do for you….and for others.Unconditional Love, which is only from God…is constant….without condition….a love that is of great intensity.  It can have the ability with just one simple act, to transform a life forever… not just for a moment.

I can assure you, once you have felt the unconditional love of someone that is grounded in God’s Love….you will never forget it. You will only yearn to feel that same divine love again.And until you do feel it again, you will not feel whole.  Its presence is undeniable even to satan.  Which is why satan tries to distort the true meaning of God’s Unconditional Love.


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