A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

A Persecuted Heart




Any physical pain can not compare;

To the persecution of a heart dedicated to God, if you dare.

For the Enemy will try every trick in the book;

In discouraging a heart belonging to God, so that in his realm he can torture and cook.



People controlled by evil, will take a weakness of a good heart and multiply it times double;

While those with a heart grounded in God, take their weaknesses, and try to help them turn into rubble.

God’s people whose hearts and souls are pure in nature;

Are evil’s most prized possessions,that bring him on a false high stature.



The devil will try to instill fear into such hearts;

Convincing and trying to deceive with hypocrisy…while throwing darts.

Remember God asks for a repentant heart…with intentions that are pure;

For this is what will of your souls, cure.



Satan will try to make you feel guilty for your sin;

But remember God loves you so much as to sacrifice His Son…for Salvation…el fin.

God knows how easily we fall to the temptations of the devil…

Fall prey to all of his lies, twisted, and turned on a bevel.



Through the life of His Son, Jesus Christ;

God showed us how we are to live our lives…

To try to live in Ways of Love, Humbleness…repenting in strides…

Before God, setting aside all pride.



While God focuses on your strengths and unique traits;

Satan rubs salt on the wounds of your weaknesses…while with them to sin, he baits.

He will do all he can to deter you from God’s Plan for you;

In subtle ways to steal of your heart and soul too.

Guard it for God, at all costs;

So that your soul, to Satan, will not get lost.



A persecuted heart rooted in God’s Love;

Is treasured from Our Father Up Above…

And despised by the Prince of Darkness, ready to torture and shove.



Do not let fear to set in;

For that is what evil wants, so that such a heart falls to sin.

Remove such evil from your life;

So that a persecuted heart will not go through such great strife.

Jesus demonstrated with His Presence on this Earth;

That God’s Love will give birth…

To a heart that is persecuted but in His Eyes…has GREAT worth.


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