A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Will You Take the Same Path Jesus Did, To Reach Heaven?

Jesus did not come here to establish a religion; but a way of life of LOVE.  A way of life to which we were all created to live.


He was an example.


God said, “He is not of the ways of this world.”


Jesus lived His Life, separating Himself from the ways of this world.


His Focus:  God’s Will for His Life.  WHAT WAS THAT WILL?  Preaching the Love of God, His Father….Our Father.

Dying for the Salvation of all Mankind


By serparating Himself from the ways of this world, to serve the Father of Creation…

He defeated Evil, and dethroned him.


He was an EXAMPLE….


So see the extent He went through, to fulfill God’s Will of His Life…to uphold God’s Ways….




Will you take the same path Jesus did? 






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