A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Path We Take is What Determines Our Journey


I was suddenly inspired today by my mentor.  It was something that I’ve been pondering on for quite some time.  And I felt that what this person said is a confirmation to what I was postulating in my head.  If there is anything that Jesus Christ’s Life should have taught us, it would be exactly what Mother Teresa has stated herself:

“God didn’t call us to be successful; but faithful.  The Fighter, like our Master (Jesus Christ), is pierced and full of pain.  He, like Paul, may even be bound and beaten.  But He remains.”


With the new age of the internet, we have more knowledge of things.  It kind of reminds me of how Satan tempted Eve to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge”.  Convincing her that she could be just as wise as God, Himself, if she ate the fruit of this tree….which caused Man (any of God’s Creations) to first sin against Him.  And shortly after, Adam followed in that sin.  Sometimes I think, knowledge of certain things should not be known.  Whatever was meant for us to know, is what we were born with.  And then whereever God leads us on our Life Journeys, with HIS GUIDANCE…for HIS WILL/PURPOSE of our lives, is what we gain as knowledge. 

In the world today, we see so many people pursuing THEIR OWN HUMAN PATH; not their DIVINE PATH.  As a result, they take certain steps in their lives knowingly, or unknowingly, which may go against God.  God expects us to sin, as He had witnessed with the sin of Adam & Eve.  However, at the same time, He does expect us to go back to Him and have remorse for the wrong that we had committed, and to repent to Him.  Not to continue on the same destructive path, or worse….to deny His Moral Authority. 

God does not judge us by earthly means.  He judges us by the spiritual means.  Things that can only be seen by Him; and not by Human Measures.  That means He judges on the purity of the heart and soul of a person.  How is this done?  By monitoring the INTENT behind every human being.  Many people have this misconception that all “do gooders”  will receive God’s Approval.  Did not Jesus, Himself, say when people were ready to stone to death, Mary Magdalene for commiting adultery (which is breaking one of God’s Laws) that, “He that has not sinned, shall cast the first stone?”  Even Jesus saw that a heart of an adulteress like Mary, did not deserve death, over those who were passing the judgement of death, on her.   She ended up becoming the person who was there by His Side, as He was crucified on the Cross.  It makes you wonder, did Jesus see someone, beyond the earthly defined “adulteress”?



In the Book of Revelations, we see how the End of Times is described.  The End of Times ushers in Judgement Day.  Many Christians misunderstand this.  God will not come flying in on a floating cloud, and like in a big ecstasy take everyone back.  He wants true believers; He doesn’t want people who will be wishy-washy about their belief in Him…in His Existence.  He wants us to refie our faith.  Go through the trials of this earth, and become victorious in them, by trusting that God will bring us through all.  As Jesus did, when the Devil faces you faces to face, will you face him with the truth of the Word of God that has taken root within you…OR will you run away in fear to save your earthly life…?  There will be a time where even Satan himself, along with the other fallen angels will try to deceive and twist the Word of God, that even knowing quotes of the Holy Scripture of any Holy Book, will not be enough.You would have needed to UNDERSTOOD what the quotes meant.  If you understand,then you would have transformed in the truth it professed.  For instance, a CHANGE IN LIFESTYLE.  Only the discernment of God can provide you with such a tool to differentiate the difference between the SELF LOVE  professed by Evil; and the SACRIFICIAL LOVE professed by God, and demonstrated by the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, His Son…The Savior of all Mankind.  Not just for Christians…but ALL of MANKIND.  Think about it, when we know we have to lose weight, we make the lifestyle change in diet; make a daily exercise regime.  Why can’t we do that in our faith?  Because the results are not IMMEDIATE? That’s the weakness of Human Nature. 

INTENTION is what God looks at.  Is your intention to uphold God’s Laws at all costs?  Or is it just when it is convenient?  INTENTION.  As JESUS did, when it came to life or death of His earhtly life, to uphold God’s Laws, would you die while upholding them, like He did?  There will come a time where all of us will encounter such a situation….what would you do? 

Would you take the same path?


Or will you just admire it from a far, and give in to Satan due to fear?


Intention on fixing what is weak in our human nature is what is required of us.  Think about it, even for Lucifer who was casted out of Heaven, his pride and vanity were so deep, that instead of trying to fix it…he decided to wage a spiritual war against God, HIS CREATOR….OUR CREATOR. Such people that are shackled by Satan’s ways are people who would never admit fault of their own.  Their pride and vanity are so strong that they would rather blame the innocent….the humble servants of God.  God’s servants know that when you have become enlightened by God, we are simply nothing in comparison to His Great Wisdom and Greatness.  They would never compare themselves as gods or even immortal…or in such terms that are absolute like “I AM”.  Evil’s deception runs so deep that anyone that exposes their evil, will be viciously attacked…when the truth is brought out to the open or revealed.  Would you stand up against it, or retreat in fear? 

As CHRIST-ians….we must be CHRISTlike.  There is only ONE Jesus, and He will return again.  Does it matter the time or day?  In my opinion….”no”, because you should be refining yourself everyday, recognizing God’s Authority in your life EVERYDAY.  Not just to meet a deadline.  That shows INTENT.  That you believed in God’s Wisdom and Love all along….that you will be ready anytime….whenever that day comes.  We all never know when our time is up on this Earth.  Make each intention count.

Our paths will be more turbulent in the earthly sense, because we are fighting against the Devil’s trends on this earth.  He’s not going to like it, and he will try every trick in the book to try to bring you to his side.  If Jesus Himself, as the Son of God, was not exempt from the trials of this Earth…the temptations of the Devil….who are we to think that we would have a problem free life?  I tell you, if you’re life is too smooth, I don’t know…maybe the Devil may not be too worried about you. 

PUREST of INTENTS will bring  you a path that will lead you to the Father’s Kingdom.  Doesn’t the Bible say, “The pathway to God’s Kingdom is hard and narrow; but the pathway to Hell is wide and easy.”  Doesn’t that mean, that God already sees that very few will enter His Gates?



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