A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Being Faithful in the Everyday Things



Today I had quite an enlightening day.  Based on what was happening in my personal family life, and amongst other aspects, God has really confirmed in me something that I was pondering on for a couple of months; upon meditating on the Life, Passion, and Death of Jesus Christ. 

There comes a time where everyone is awakened to the fact that, “My life on this earth could end any day….what have I done to make truce with My Maker?”  This is where I have found that true transformation occurs, of the heart and soul of a person; when we come upon this realization.

In the Bible it says, “It is until we become broken vessels that we can separate ourselves from the ways of this world, and allow for the Holy Spirit to enter within us.”  How many of us remember that God is behind the happy moments in life?  We seem to remember Him and His Teachings of Love, when things are going a little bumpy or when we are in trouble, more often, than the happy moments. 

I believe what Jesus has taught with the example of His Life, is that we must work on the everyday things to have the roots of God’s Love to take root within us.  Just as we brush our teeth, eat food, and bathe ourselves; we must consciously try to uphold God’s Laws in the everyday things.  Whether it be a random act of kindness; a random note of “hello” to let someone know that you are thinking of them; or just smiling at a stranger in the street.  I believe the nature of someone is reflected in their simple everyday acts.  Many of those who have been enlightened by God, did just that.  They were faithful to God’s Words in the everyday things, while living out amongst the world that God created.  Not segregating yourself from the everyday world; but living in it for God’s Enlightenment.  That is exactly what Jesus did.  Since God said He is in everywhere and in everything….why restrict yourself to the sources of your enlightenment?

The beauty of God’s Love is that it is endless…it is abundant.  Often, we allow our own human logic to get in the way of experiencing God’s Guidance to His Love.  But what is perfect about God’s Love is that it is unconditional.  Jesus showed us that in His Life.  That if we seek with a faithful heart, in all things we do on this earth….God will guide us in all we do, to a path that will lead us to His Perfect Kingdom.

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