A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Through Flaws & Love…Still in God’s Hands



I wake up each day;

With a love that is beyond what any word written or spoken can say…

Realizing the very fact that I woke…is an act of God’s Great Mercy…a message to many that is not relayed.

And because this message is overlooked, God is often disrespected and betrayed.



Jesus came down to earth to show us all;

That all of God’s Creations matter to Him, all things great and small.

While He loves us everyday, watching from afar;

Yet we all violate His Laws…refusing to accept responsibility for all that takes us so far.

When Lucifer decided to disobey the One who created him;

God holding him in the highest regard, saw his sin as dark and dim.



For God gave one of His Highest Titles to him; yet Lucifer decided that it wasn’t enough….

So God had to cast out all things in His High Court that were impure and rough.

A spiritual battle was waged, once this event occurred;

The evil one, out of anger, will steal the souls of God’s Prized Creations, leaving them confused and stirred.



We must remember that God’s Mercy is abundant, and so powerful and  tall…

That even Lucifer, who became Satan, is jealous of that mercy He bestows on us all. 

God expects flaws in our human life;

Because He knows what the evil one brings on…so much pain and strife.



We must endure all, with utter faithfullness to God and His Ways;

Despite all of the Schemes that Man puts out and Lays…

Under the influence of the evil one, who plots and plays…

All this to steal away from the God who casted him out …the one who he decided to betray;

We must remain faithful, despite how many times we fall prey.

Remember authority over your heart and soul should be in God’s Hands to lay.



Do not let the schemes of the evil one to instill fear into you;

For that is his most prized weapon to steer you away from God on cue;

Setting into motion the Men he guides to carry out his plots;

To hide his existence to continue as he slither and sloths.



God knows we were bound to fall to sin…

But it is through Jesus’ life, torture and death…that God ended Satan’s rule over His Earth, el fin.

We must never be afraid to go back to God everytime we have fell short;

He is there with loving open arms forgive and forget…not to bring you to court.

Through all the flaws…we must remember God sees beyond all of it;

He sees a heart and soul that is lit in His Light…and will of it forever keep lit.



Through all schemes of the devil…through all the schemes of Man;

We should never allow for them to pluck us from God’s Hands.

Fear and censorship by evil, to speak of such love, will be its tools;

Stand tall in faith in the One who Died for you….do not let evil make you fools.

Speak boldly of God’s Love; and how Jesus loved you so much to die for you….

Has anyone else loved you so much to do that without hesitation or taboos.





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