A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

SELF LOVE (professed by evil) vs. SELFLESS LOVE (professed by Jesus)


Oh, God, sometimes I just sit in frustration…in not knowing what to do;

At times, I feel like I was not made for this world that has become so cold and blue.

Evil rampantantly, raping the entire Earth;

Leaving no stone unturned, even torturing the souls of new babies that mothers just gave birth.



People these days yearn for unconditional love;

But how many return what they yearn…as God instructed from Up Above.

For SELF LOVE is one of Satan’s effective weapons, which begins;

A cycle full of torture and confusion, between friends and kins.



SELF LOVE proclaims that the self should be loved WITHOUT CONDITION, accepting all of one’s flaws…

While they will criticize others’ flaws…not accepting them…tearing them apart by their jaws.

The Unconditional Love of the Father of Creation is SELFLESS in nature, and willing to sacrifice to the point of having nothing of this world;

Conditional Love proclaimed by the Devil is not willing to give up anything for the sake of another…in fact will take and take of others, till their own purposes are fulfilled to their perfection…wrapped with ribbons curled.



SELF LOVE of evil can not see the concerns of those around them…

For they only see their own pain and their own needs…the roots to which evil stems;

Opposite to what JESUS CHRIST, the SON OF GOD, demonstrated of His Own Life…by dying for the sake of all of Mankind…

He gave up His Earthly Life…to give us all a chance to return to the Father of Creation…away from Satan’s grips…which he intends to, of your soul, to lock and bind.



Evil will make you love them with adoration…and total sacrifice on your end;

Remember God made the Sacrifice on your behalf…His Love was given freely…to the point of HIS OWN SACRIFICE…willing of all to mend.



SO…who’s the HYPOCRITE now!

Who contradicts all that is said!

Evil proclaims to love them WITHOUT CONDITION…telling others that there is NO NEED of their flaws to change;

While loving others with CONDITION…loving STRENGTHS that could benefit themselves,classifying others flaws within certain ranges.



The Father of Creation sent His Son, for the sake of ALL OF MANKIND to find their way back home to Him;

Without any condition…He loves…forgives endlessly…filling it to the brim.

He gives us the choice to CHOOSE to work for Him as His Servants of Love;

That is what SELFLESS LOVE demonstrates….to have a kind of love that soars heights like a dove.


It stills every heart….and calms every soul;

Satan despises what he can not ever have again…and out of bitterness takes on his current role.

All faiths profess the very same message of the age old tale of good vs. evil…

All returns to God as primeval.




6 responses

  1. Healing Enzo

    I love myself. I love being me. The person I see, when there is calm in my heart & mind. That part of me that is unsullied, innocent and pure. When I glimpse myself without delusion & see the seed still lives, I water it & nurture it and urge it to grow, no matter how barren the soil.


    July 10, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    • foodforthespiritualsoul

      Beautiful words. Love yourself enough to know that you are worthy of the Creator’s Love…to seek it endlessly. But not to the point of it being trumped in serving the master of earthly things, over the Master, that spiritually cleanses of the heart and soul. They are TWO DIFFERENT masters.

      God Bless. Namaste _/I\_

      July 10, 2011 at 10:05 pm

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    • foodforthespiritualsoul

      I have read your comment, particularly in reference of the citation you have made to your entry and my poem here.

      I personally do believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And to reduce him to just a “man” is not correct. For there is no man, on this earth, that could have endure to what we call is the “Passion” of His suffering before being crucified on the Cross, for the sake of God’s Eternal Love for all of Mankind. Even while he roamed on this Earth, He spoke with such authority on the matters of God’s Kingdom and Eternal Love, that anyone that came in contact with Him was “born again” in mind, heart, and soul; and never returned back to their sinful ways.

      We, as human beings, consistently try to discredit the Divinity of Jesus Christ; and try to use imperfect human logic to explain God’s PERFECT WISDOM in the plan that He has set forth. To have truly understood Jesus, the Life, Death, and Him being the REDEEMER of the world, would require you to understand that only DIVINITY could hold the title of Redeemer.Not Man.

      So I’m sorry if you disagree with what I believe. But seeing that we both believe in Jesus, especially in being the Redeemer…I guess we will both have to wait and see, when He returns….who was right.

      Until then, I will continue to learn from His Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection….how to refine myself in being worthy of entering Our Father, the Creator’s, Kingdom….a quest that will take till the last breath in my earthly body.

      God Bless you my friend….and may Jesus find us both worthy.

      August 7, 2011 at 6:35 pm

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