A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Prosperity in the World Today

Is it worth being prosperous in the world today?

For prosperity today is gained in a deceitful way.

Whether it is by stealing;

Or even of harmful substances, dealing.

The world today sees integrity as something without any value;

It is considered as foolish and niave, and for maintaining it, suffering to you is due.

People today, think that you are weak by being meek;

They will find you an easy target to falsely accuse of anything, or even to slander your name around, they will sneak.

Nowadays, despite being one of the 10 Commandments, we take lives into our own hands;

Either as lawyers and judges as the death penalty or abortion, or taking justice into our own, and see where it lands.

Is there any justification for taking away a life?

Despite your own personal anguish or strife?

http://www.mylot.com (the fetal heart)


People find any justification to ease their mind;

Of the dishonest ways they pursue to receive lust, greed, and pride…treasures of an evil kind.


The world has become so gray and dark;

With demons lurking all around, smothering an angel’s hark.

When people are hurting right in front of us, filled with fear and pain;


Many just walk away and say to themselves, “thank god it’s not me, to have my heart to have a stain.”


There is no longer any solidarity amonst us, as sisters and brothers;

Where the majority of the people today resemble carnivorous animals, where on their prey they devour without any bothers.

People justify that in order to survive in the world today;

We must conform in some way, for survival, to the dishonest world’s way.




As the days go by, possessions within this world seem to be having all meaning;

And to give up all is toward where I am leaning.


For when we die;

These objects will remain on this Earth to lie.

It is our actions and our intentions that will come;

On our journey to go for judgement, for God, with Christ, will be adding all, to get their sum.


To get on the right path;

We must give ourselves a bath;

The only way to steer off of this evil road;

Is to be born again in spirit and mind, so we must unload;

For to God we must confess and make right;

All the wrong we’ve done, so that we can be brought into “the Light”…


A lifelong process to endure;

So that our souls will be pure…

Try not to listen, the Enemy will try to convince;

That his way to life is better, despite taking pleasure in making one wince.


For if you get engulfed, they will come at you, on cue…

The Enemy will throw all in his bag;


So that from God’s Ways, you will scour away, from His Righteous path…lag.

Just remember God can forgive all;

As long as you lay all at His Feet, all things great and small.

Keep the Faith, keep with the fight;

For God’s Truthful and Honest Ways will bring Eternal Prosperity, and not the Darkness of night.



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