Scream About Injustice; With the Almighty God as Your Bodyguard

In my life, I have to say I have seen and experienced a lot of injustice from the ways of Man.  However, God has always put someone in my path to show me, that He is above all of that.  Man that is grounded in the world’s ways, will ALWAYS try to hold back a Man/Woman of God.  REMEMBER THAT.  With God by your side, who do you need to fear? 

When I reflect on the life and Passion of Jesus Christ, I always remind myself, that even HE, as the SON OF GOD, was not exempt from the trials of this Earth.  So what would make us exempt?  Over the Son of God?  That’s when I snap back to reality. 🙂  One day, and that time will be soon, ALL INJUSTICE WILL BOW DOWN TO JESUS!  The Son of God, who endured all for the sake of all of Mankind. 

Remember, when you feel alone in this world, that Jesus walked the path before you did.  Isn’t that what He had stated at the Last Supper, while washing the feet of His Disciples?  “When you are persecuted, remember I was persecuted before you.”  Remember all who do all, for the sake of being right in the Eyes of God, will see the Kingdom of God.  So keep enduring.  For God has promised you something that is beyond anything of this Earth.  

I have been very fortunate in my life to see wonderful examples of God’s People in my life.  I have to say, if they were not there, my life might have taken a different path, than what it is currently on.  I am truly grateful to those people, and to God for that.  And God will do the same for you.  You just have to open yourself up to prayer, with wholehearted pleas to God, for that help.  Remember, God’s Ways are permanent.  He will bring solutions that are unshakeable, not even by the Devil.  Why? Because you decided to trust in Him, and not the world’s ways for the solution to your injustice….your problem.  I’m telling you from personal experience.  This is no lie, I promise.  That’s the beauty of God’s Love.  He cares so much, as to put people in your path…to show you His Existence in your life….it’s just the matter of opening your eyes to them.  God is in everywhere and in everything.  It is only until we are broken vessels (at low or sad times in our lives) and we break ourselves from the logic of this world and of Man, that God and His Holy Spirit can enter within us to heal us of the world’s injustice.  It is only until we break away from the worldly ways, can God find a home within us permanently.  Because He is not of the world’s ways.

Injustice is Man’s way of trying to grab hold of what they can of this earth.  Whether it reflects an insecurity or of greed….you never can tell.  But nonetheless, a violation to God’s Laws.  However, no matter the injustice, we must walk Jesus’ Path, of nonviolence, peace, and love….We do not have to cooperate with the injustice. Jesus didn’t.  Because God did say not to tolerate it.  We battle it in the spiritual sense….with God as our Bodyguard.

Scream about praying to God. BECOME PRAYER WARRIORS!

1 thought on “Scream About Injustice; With the Almighty God as Your Bodyguard

  1. Matthew 22:37-39

    Great writing…. I have read this several times over the last couple of days. God Bless you always with HIS Love & Joy in HIS son Jesus.


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