A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Lying Leads to Hiding….Hiding Leads to Sinning to the Father

People lie to themselves everyday.  They rewrite the history of their lives, each second, to justify the wrong that they have done to another.  Rewriting means hiding….and hiding is only a temporary measure.  God sees all…and He will allow for Jesus to resurface EVERYTHING that you have hidden, in the dark corners of your soul.  It’s the truth, a truth that can be terrifying. 

There will come a time in our lives, where the truth of our wrongs and faults will stare us in the eye, and MAKE US FACE the consequences for them.  The more we hide them; the further away we are running from God.  And God will not like that you are hiding, instead of facing them, by confronting Him with them.  PRIDE and GREED, I believe, are the deadliest of all sins.  God will get rid of that very quickly, on Judgement Day, when Jesus returns, and opens the Book of Life to see where you have stood with God, in your life here on Earth.  Did you value the Divine Law or the Devil’s Earthly Laws?  That’s what it is going to come down to.

Just think about it, how many people have sold their soul for fame and fortune?  They traded what was given to them through Divinity; for things that were earthly.  We will all leave this earth, one day (our destinations might be similar or different….), can we take these things with us?  I can not comprehend how we allow for such earthly things to get in the way of the Divine things that were handed over to us, by the Sacrifice Jesus offered on our behalf.  We can slip off the path….that’s fine.  But WE MUST GET BACK ON.  We can not completely disregard God and His Existence, because there is too much evidence on this Earth. 

God will make us see His Authority one day…the question is….when He does, what have you done with the life that He gave you.  How was your faith, during the life you lived on this earth.


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