A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God is Watching; and He Sees Every Injustice that is Hidden

In the end of times, we will see more and more of the once unacceptable; becoming accetable; and the once acceptable will become unacceptable.  We will see a decline in morality and ethics; and things which once stood for truth, will be mocked and even abolished in some way. 

Have you looked at the world today?  Children no longer know how to be children.  In fact it has come to children having children, in some socities.  People have become disposeable; instead of cherished.  The awareness of God‘s Existence, is slowly vanishing within the majority; but those that are keeping His Existence alive with their lives…are being persecuted at record highs.  I think Martin Luther King Jr. said it best when he said,” It may look like evil is winning, but that is only temporary.” 

As God’s People, we must remember what Jesus had to endure to fulfill God’s Purpose for His Life.  If He, as the Son of God, was not exempt from the trials and temptations of Man and Evil; how can we expect us to be exempt from such things.  Jesus demonstrated through His Life and Death that it is by remaining faithful to God, especially in these moments, that we will conquer Satan and his Evil.  By not getting discouraged and blame God for what evil is doing; but by praying even harder for God’s Strength to withstand the test and trial.  Remember God NEVER gives us anything that we CAN NOT handle. 

Evil can not stand seeing someone getting stronger in their faith.  So he will plot and scheme to any extent to break down one of God’s Faithful.  It is in these momnts, especially, that we have to remain strong, and go to God for strength.  There is POWER in PRAYER.  It can provide peace during the most chaotic moments and circumstances.  And only people who have detached themselves from the values of this world; and have aligned themselves to the ways of God and His Divine Laws, can truly understand that earthly ways can defeat only the phsyical body, but never a soul that is dedicated to God. 

Mahatma Gandhi has said, ” No one can hurt me without my permission.”  If you are a person who’s heart is grounded in searching for God…you will understand what he meant by this.  It means that when you are focused on a path towards God, nothing of this earth can hurt you; unless you allow for it, especially during moments of trials and hardships.  when we believe in a God who says His Ways are beyond the Earth; whom or what on this earth shall we fear (Romans 8:31).  So many Christians have died to uphold God’s Laws of Love.  It does not matter how Man may scheme against God’s People, in the end God tells us such schemes are not from Him, but from an evil source…..and justice will be His.  Remain amongst God’s Faithful, and you willhave the greatest of all warriors fighting for you…..Jesus Christ.



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