As the End of Times Grow Nearer

We look in the world today, and what are we seeing?  A world that is filled with so much confusion and chaos.  It requires taking a strong look at ourselves, and what we believe in, in order to remind ourselves the origins of our own existence.  People today, no longer know what to believe in.  They no longer believe in causes that they are willing to die for; let alone feel important enough to teach their own children.   It’s as if, everyone is, well quite frankly, running wild. 

Today’s code of morals and ethics are those that at times, can be considered less civilized that those of the animals in the wild.  You might find this particular piece of writing more provocative that my previous ones.But nonetheless it is what I feel that God has put in my heart to write for today. 

A lot of people talk about “Doomsday”.  But what I find disturbing is not the actual “time” to which it will come; but how lightly people take the topic, on a whole.  God calls people from all different walks of life.  We are all given different circumstances to live the life that we were gifted by Him, with.  But how manyof us run away from the circumstances…..or refuse to face the lives given to us?  How many of us, on a whole, just choose to ignore, all the teachings that Jesus Christ had taught us through His Life…and even death. 

What a lot of people miss, especially in preparing for “the end of times” is that it’s not about acts done within your lifetime as penance for your wrongs; or doing good deeds; or even, going to the respective Holy Temples of Worship….It’s about the transformation of the heart, in total obedience to God and His Divine Laws.  All of the other things, previously mentioned, will fall into place, once you have a heart transformed in God.

Transformation of the heart, requires trials and hardships, as tests of refinement.  It requires constant nurturing and replenishing of a love that is not of this world.  People seem to think that earthly measures could help you achieve a stature that will put you in sight of Divinity.  It is not anything else, but the purity of the heart that constantly longs for the Father that created us all, that will save us, in the end of times.  Not any act or good deed.  It’s the purity of the heart and its intention.  It’s loyalty and yearning towards God.  That is what Jesus taught us, that even those that are despised, and even considered “sinners” under manmade laws, were forgiveable by God.  We must not lose sight of all this….especially in these confusion times.

4 thoughts on “As the End of Times Grow Nearer

  1. Helmut Wallner

    Sister, for me it is very encouraging and enlighting to read your Blog and Tweets. I don’t know how and why – but somehow your words are speaking directly to my heart.

    In your posts you focus on the two most important points in these days: First to teach everybody that LOVE is the only way that can lead out of this mess of a world today and second that our time is running out, that the „big change“ is happening now – that the world situation will change completely very soon.

    Time will be getting hard for Followers of Jesus Christ too. But only from the outside it will seem like this, from our own view Jesus will lead us every step and be close to us at any time. He will take care His faithful children, His love will guide and protect us wherever we go.

    I only pray that not one of his true children will fall back, not one shall be lost in the trials and tribulations of the times to come.

    Please continue writing and sharing the thoughts our Lord and Father is giving to you. We are very blessed all.

    Please excuse my poor English.

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