Taking the Road Less Travelled

My father and I usually have these discussions on God and spirituality.  In fact, it was through him, that I began to see how it truly meant to live a life, that is in complete obedience to God.  Something that we discussed really struck a cord within me.  I thought of sharing it.

God said He is not of the ways of this world, right?  In fact He says it several times throughout the Holy Bible; spanning from the Old Testament, to the New Testament; through the preachings of Jesus Christ, His Son.  A lot of people who have not understood the Bible, or even those who choose to deny God’s Existence, tend to think that God contradicts Himself, throughout the Bible.  But in all honesty, I beg to differ.  If you think about it, has He really contradicted what He has ever proclaimed?

He created us to love.  But then why did He have to reveal the 10 Commandments to us, in order to live?  Were we not living in ways of Love (it seemed to be so, let’s take a look)

1.  You shall not have any gods (Truth be told, when our gods are those of this world, how can we unconditionally love, when such love comes from a Divine Source, that says that they are ABOVE AND BEYOND the ways of this world)

2.  Do not have idols (As humans we tend to need to believe in things that are seen and heard; but Jesus Christ has said, that true faith comes from believing an UNSEEN GOD.  And He also said that, “Truth is not seen or heard, but FELT.”)

3.  Do not use the Lord’s Name in vain (When was cursing ever a sign of respect?  So don’t use it especially with the Father of Creation)

4.  Keep the Sabbath Day Holy (For me this means, you have to keep one day, AT LEAST, in meditating on God’s Words.  Rest and meditate on His Message of Love)

5.  Honor your father and mother (I think this is self explanatory)

6.  Do not kill (Did God see that this needed to be said?)

7.  Do not commit adultery (Again, did God see that this needed to be said?)

8.  Do not steal (If God says He provides everything for the trees in the wild, and the lillies of the valley….why do we insist that we have to steal?)

9.  Do not bear false witness against your neighbor (Apparently God saw this happening too, for it to be mentioned)

10.  Do not covet your neighbor’s wife.

When it comes to God’s Laws, it all comes down to two things in my opinion; LOVE and TRUST in God.  All else will fall into place.  That is what Jesus demonstrated through His Life and even Death on the Cross.  To love God, is to know of a love that is almost supernatural in nature.  To know of a love that is beyond anything of this earth; and to know that God will always provide, despite earthly circumstances.  Just be faithful, and TRUST in God’s Time for everything.  NOT YOUR TIME….but God’s Time.  To believe in something that you can not see or hear with the human eyes and ears, takes immense strength.  It takes FAITH.  God does not want FAKERS in His Kingdom; He wants the true believers.  In the end of times, it will become harder to see with the human eyes, and hear with the human ears, what is God’s Truth.  That is why Jesus said that, “Truth is felt.”  And such truth can only come from a God that is beyond this earthly realm.  And those who commune, and develop that relationship with God everyday, will be able to feel this truth; and know victory is on their side.  This requires “taking a road less travelled“; in comparison to those bound to the ways of this world.

Has God really contradicted Himself?  Jesus’ life showed us how to live under Divine’s Law of Love.  Those that are bound to the earth and its ways, will not comprehend the life and death of Jesus.  Jesus did not die as a Martyr.  He died for the Salvation of all of Mankind.  To dismiss Jesus’ death as Him dying for “some cause” would be proof that even some of us Christians did not understand Jesus’ Teachings.  He died for the PURPOSE of providing another pathway to Heaven for us; to which the DEVIL DESTROYED, upon tempting and capturing Adam & Eve to sin.

On the road to God, there will be few people walking beside you; but you will have the ultimate guide and warrior by your side….Jesus Christ.  And that, my friends, is far better than anything that I can ever imagine.  As Jesus did, Love Hard….and God will reward you for that love.

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