What Jesus Taught Me

The Holy Trinity of God the Father of Creation

What Jesus taught me;

Was how to be set free…

From evil and its ways;

And in His Arms lay.

He reminds me with His Life;

That following God’s Ways will bring so much earthly strife.

This is because Our Father’s Ways are not of this world;

So we must battle it, and allow for His Truth to be unfurled.

Evil will bind you to the world’s way;

So that from God’s Path, you will be led astray.

Jesus, as God’s Son was not exempt;

From earthly pain and suffering, all evil’s attempts…

Attempts to Doubt the Father of Creation;

So that you will give in to him, and never know Divine Elation.

Jesus conquered Satan’s attempts through His Unconditional Love;

That which He demonstrated at Calvary…such strength could only come from Up Above.

For our Loving Christ suffered what no Man could have;

And died a death that none of nobility…splitting his earthly body in halves.

Yet He suffered and died without a single drop of anger or hate;

But only of Love to make our pathway back to our Father in Heaven, straight.

For paying such a kingly price;

Jesus thought it was worth rolling the dice….

In investing in Mankind and the love that He saw that remained;

That was reminiscent of God, the Father…such love should have never been strained.

For we were all made to love;

As the Mighty Creator does from Up Above.

Jesus taught me that all this earthly suffering is worth the cost….

Because He loved me enough to lay down His Life, out of love….so that I can no longer be lost…

In this world that Satan made us all fall prey to sin;

And be lost from our friends and kin.

Satan does not want us to have what he can never have again;

So he tries to shackle us to him, and allow us not to be freemen.

Jesus showed us how we can be set free…

Of Satan’s shackles….and how with God we can forever be.

Jesus showed us to not of this world fear;

For that is what evils wants…and tries of you to steer.

Jesus taught that His Father is our Father too;

And that it is only through Him, victory over evil is achieved and love can come through.

What Jesus taught me, no other can…

For with His Own Life, for me, He took a stand.

Such love can not ever be fully understood….

By any human logic or scholar could.

Such love can only come from the inspiration of Divinity;

And protected by Father God’s Holy Trinity.

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