A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Defend God and His Goodness At All Costs


In this day and age, it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish between God‘s Goodness, and the false deception of Evil.  This is why Jesus Christ has said, that “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.”  So what did Jesus Christ mean by saying this to Pontius Pilate?  Well this is what I understand from it.

There will come a time that even the things we see and hear within our lives will be quite deceiving.  It is will be hard to determine if it is the actual truth of God, or the lies of Satan.  Since Satan was at one point, one of God’s highest ranked of Arch Angels (as Lucifer), would he not know the words of God, just as Michael and Gabriel?  Of course.  What is the difference when it is professed by Satan?  He knows how to twist the truth within those words to work for this goal and intention…and that is to keep us away from entering the Kingdom of God.  And why would he do that?  For one simple reason….as revenge against God, for kicking him out of the Kingdom.  He wants to keep each one of us from the eternal happiness and joy  that he knows that exists in God’s Kingdom.

How do we counter the Deception of EvilIt is by having a relationship with God.  We must daily have a communication with God, and tap into His Words of Love….and what you will see unfold before you, upon the development of this relationship is wisdom that is beyond all human logic, and felt within yourself.  And a feeling of fearing nothing of this earth, and anything of evil.  You will become faithful in updholding God’s Truth, at all earthly costs.  Becaust THIS  is what becomes more important than anything else that one knows within themselves.  Your conscience will become so rooted in seeking God and His Words of Truth…that anything that you do within your life will be counter checked by the wisdom that God reveals to you, in your realationship with Him. Your conscience will not be clear until it is cleared by God’s Approval….of things being set right with Him.

What people forget is that God did not call for all of us to PERFECT.  He called for us to be faithful in seeking Him, no matter how lost we get within this world…now running rampant with Evil.  Yeshu Christu came to this Earth…to show us how to defeat Evil and its works.  He showed us through His many miracles, and healings…that God is willing to forgive anything…as long as we seek that forgiveness from Him.  It can not be a simple request…but a longing of the heart and soul…. that is yearning to change.  God sees all of that…..and will reward accordingly.

It is not by what we achieve on this earthly realm that determines our success in God’s Eyes, but by the extent we go to uphold God’s Truth that determines this.  God sees that, not matter how much evil tries to throw God’s Faithful off track.  Jesus did it to the point of death on the Cross….and those who were truly transformed by Jesus’ Example all did the same….in a way of Nonviolence…Love….and Peace.  Jesus regained the Earth and Mankind, upon dying on the Cross at Calvalry.  It is now up to us, to use the tools that He gave us to uphold God’s Truth and Love…..no matter the earthly cost.

As the end of times grow nearer…we see it is harder to determine what is God’s Truth and Satan’s Deception.  Jesus said that God’s Truth if felt….that feeling can only come through developing a daily relationship with God…so that He can help you discern that truth from deception.  It is a spiritual battle now…..and no earthly tool or weapon can hold up in such a battle….only a spiritual one.  Become stronger in your faith…for that tool is the only weapon you will have against evil.  Evil wants to confuse you…don’t let him do that.  By becoming stronger in your faith…..your heart and soul will not be shaken.  Because you have a God that is beyond the world’s ways (that are grounded in evil)….and fighting for you.



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