A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

REMEMBER: If you are a CHRIST-ian…..

1.  You turn the other cheek…..

2.  You understand that Jesus came here to provide another pathway back to the Father of Creation, to which Satan originally destroyed upon the introduction of sin, within the Garden of Eden.

3.  Think about how Jesus spoke in parables to make sure that God‘s Messages were understood by all people.

4.  Think about how Jesus chose the disciples that He did, in order to portray all points of view within a society.

5.  Think about how Jesus loved all of Mankind more than Himself, to die on the Cross.

6.  You know that wrath is not up to even Him, as the Son of God…but up to SOLELY….God, Himself.

7.  Uphold what is right, no matter the earthly cost.

8.  You will understand that things and ways of this world will not get you into His Kingdom.

9.  You know know that Jesus stated to develop a relationship with God.  Just as you would spend time, investing in the relationships you encounter in your life, daily…..you should also do the same with God.

10.  You do not harm another one of God’s Creatures.  For that is not your right to do….even in self defense.  Jesus died on the Cross, though being innocent of any crime.

11.  You exhibit self restraint….not self indulgence.  For the unrestricted human nature is what caused Man to first sin against God, through the temptation of Evil.


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