Faith NEVER Dies….

Something we must remember is while living on this earth, there is a bigger war occurring; and that is within the spiritual realm.

When we have a daily relationship with God, we begin to understand that the most important thing any living thing owns, that is PRICELESS in value, is the soul.  The investment of the soul is what outweighs any investment made on this earth.  In fact the investment made to the soul requires a lot more sacrifice and investment of the self, than anything that you can own within this earth.  It was even paid at the HIGH COST of the shedding of the blood of the Son of the Father of Creation, Jesus Christ.  We must understand this very fact, otherwise we would be on the losing side in this spiritual realm.

No matter what this earth may bring, a faith grounded in a relationship with God, will never die.  The earthly body may suffer, be beaten, or even tortured….but a soul dedicated in serving God, the Father of Creation, will yearn nothing more than to meet its Creator.  Human Nature is one of the biggest things we battle.  If we serve a God that is BEYOND the world’s ways, then why do we put so much value in the things of this world?  Agreed, we need some to survive.  But in a lot of cases today, even our children value things like money, clothes, and the latest phone, more so than the people around them.

It is so sad how far we have come to the greatness that God, created for all of us to be….no one is perfect on this earth.  However, we must strive for the greatness that God created for all of us to be…not in the earthly sense….but in the spiritual sense.  People have this sense of understanding that fix the outside, then invest on the inside.  The truth of the matter is, God does not work in that sense.  He wants you to fix what is inside first.  That is what is of value to Him.

In a world that can be a bit “not so straight forward”…..there is a Father of Creation, God, Himself, that is very much straight forward.  He keeps showing us in so many ways, how much He loves us.  To see Him…to taste His Presence…to hear Him…just takes seeking Him.  And once given that privilege of tasting….hearing….and seeing His Face….it is our privilege to share that with others.   Faith never dies, that is what everyone must understand.  A heart grounded in faith…is a heart and soul that strives to better themselves.  It is a heart that is humble and meek.  NEVER weak…but ALWAYS strong.  Earthly parameters never hinder such a spirit…it serves God with everything within themselves….and nothing of this earth gives it greater joy.

Faith NEVER Dies…..because it is a heart rooted in a God that is beyond the world’s ways.  And therefore is not bound by earthly parameters. That is what Jesus Christ demonstrated upon His Death on the Cross.  And that is how everyone that was inspired by Him and His messages, lived out their lives.  Evil will try to convince you otherwise….but the cornerstone of faith, is within ourselves.

Faith NEVER Dies…..a soul grounded in the Father of Creation, the Almighty God, may have a tattered earthly body…but a soul that is bright enough that no one can deny the goodness of God from within…..

4 thoughts on “Faith NEVER Dies….

    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      Thank you for always coming and reading….and most of all thank you in being on this journey with me in seeking God’s Love….

      God Bless.

      1. JAnthony

        You’re welcome. Thank you for posting such inspiring and God moving posts..

        Be blessed.

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