Something to Believe in…..

In the world today, there seems to be so much confusion, why is that?  I think, personally, it’s because there are so many gray areas in the world today.  People no longer know what to believe in.  The very foundation of mankind has been cracked; and it is up to us rebuild our own foundations.

“God is in EVERYONE and in EVERYTHING.”  The very idea that Jesus Christ proclaimed this demonstrates that it is innately within all of us, to seek God and His Existence within our lives.  The thing is, it is not in the form of physical earthly proof, but such questions in reference to God and His Existence, are found in the form of feeling fulfilled within yourself, which is not defined by the ways of this world.  To understand that the Almighty God, Jehovah, Yahweh…..can create anything out of earthly nothingness requires a soul to value things that are not of this world, but a soul that values peace, and having that knowledge.  It is from this understanding that we will realize that the earthly things of this world mean abolutely nothing, in comparison to a God that rules a realm that is beyond all things that we can see with our human eyes, and hear with our human ears, on this earth.

Confusion is one of evil’s tools in trying to shake mankind off of the Truth of God and His Goodness.  This is how Jesus Christ, out of all Prophets, defied Satan Himself.  He did not live by earthly parameters or understanding.  His Life was a Living Example of God’s Existence, even amongst the schemes of evil upon this earth.  Since we all originate from God, the innate sense of knowing what is ‘right and wrong” in the Eyes of God, is within ALL of us.  But as we live our lives on this Earth,  maintaining that foundation of what God innately puts within us….becomes must more difficult.  We must constantly refresh our minds, hearts, and souls of the foundation that was once put within us all.

To understand the Life and Death of Jesus Christ requires a heart that truly has seen that the things of this world truly do not have any meaning in this “whole scheme of life”.  Valuing what is UNSEEN requires a soul that is fully in tune with the God that created it.  And that is exactly what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, at Calvary.  There is no human logic on this earth that can reason out how THIS ULTIMATE ACT of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE could be done.  (Which also demonstrates that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, itself, is derived from Divinity.)  Such a soul is not bound by the ways of this world, it is bound by the spiritual code that God guides them with…which is beyond the world ways.  This soul, yearns, and only feels complete by following God’s Ways.  And this can only be achieved by firmly knowing what to believe in.

A strong foundation of a belief, is a soul that will not be shaken off of the God’s Path.  That is what Jesus displayed on the Cross.  No matter what earthly trials were thrown at Him, as the Son of God, in Human Form….He knew that saving all of Mankind was worth more in the Eyes of God, than saving His Earthly Body from the pain and torture that He endured.

Grow stronger in your faith…..grow stronger in understanding how loving a God we came from…..and have SOMETHING to BELIEVE in…..wholeheartedly.


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