A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God, Thy Will Be Done….


In life, have  you ever noticed that the only way to be completely fulfilled, is by following God‘s Will for your life?  What do I mean by this?  By this I mean that it is when it is God’s Will for something to happen in your life, that EVERYTHING will fall in place.  You will not feel that anything is missing, things will naturally fall in ways that will make you completely content with the circumstances.  My Dad once told me, “When God solves something, He solves it completely; without leaving a trace of anything unsolved.”  I have seen this many times within my life; which makes me rely on God more and more with even the silliest of problems.  I say the simple words, “God, Thy Will Be Done….”

Have you ever wanted something so much in your life, but it always seemed to be out of reach?  No matter how hard you try?  It may be because it may be what YOU WANT…or YOUR WILL of your life.  It just does not happen that way in life, to the fullest extent.  Think about it, God says, He can create anything out of anything.  He could also take away anything that you have on this earth, in a second.  But if it is is His Will of your life, it will sustain you, throughout your entire lifetime.  No matter how many will stand against you, God will stand by you, just as you did, to fulfill His Will of your life.  I’ve seen this in my own life.  That is why I say, “God, Thy Will Be Done…”

When there is chaos in your world, when is it you find complete, everlasting peace, and organization to that chaos?  It is when you finally lay all of your pain, and worries and lay it at God’s Feet.  It is these moments that you can not explain why, but just sharing your feelings with God….a moment that is shared between you and Him….delivers utter peace of mind, body and soul.  People try to look to many things of this world, which can definitely provide TEMPORARY peace….and as a result, you keep returning back to those things, to get MANY of those TEMPORARY moments.  However it would never provide complete peace.  That’s why I say to myself, “God, Thy Will Be Done…”

Once we trust in a God who says He is beyond the world’s ways, we will have victory through Him, in the Battle that is occurring in the spiritual realm.  This battle requires spiritual weapons, not earthly weapons.  Because the rewards are not earthly, but spiritual.  Those are everlasting, as Jesus demonstrated with His Own Life, Death, and Resurrection into Heaven.  Nothing of this world could hold you back, when you seek your strength from a source that is beyond the ways you can see and hear with the human heart and human ears.  That’s why I say, “God, Thy Will Be Done…”

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