Love Conquers All…..

In the world today, we seem to forget to love others. We seem to always have the need to look out for ourselves.  Some people say, “If you do not look out for yourself, who will?”  I think the God who created our world does that, it’s just the matter of being receptive to Him, and seeing it through our spiritual eyes.  We constantly need to use our human logic to reason out DIVINE logic.  Human logic shackles us to the ways of this world.  Not to mention, it also restricts us to the barriers and boundaries of this world.  If God says He is beyond the days of this world, He means it.  And if God is for you, who should you fear in being against you. (Romans 8:31)  So why not open our spiritual eyes, and our hearts to a Being that is beyond the ways of this world….and only means the best of intentions for us?  He even gives us the CHOICE; to seek and follow him; and gives us everything good in this life, without any obligations or “strings attached”.  That was the entire reason and meaning behind Jesus Christ.

Jesus showed us, that it does not matter what happens in our lives, God’s Purpose and Plan for our lives comes first.  And it always pays to help and love others more than yourself.  Though this world may not see it, the Being that matters, sees it….God who sees everything.  There is no hiding from Him.  Jesus saw that fulfilling God’s Plan for Him, by dying on the Cross that “Love Truly Does Conquer All.”  I think it is because of this self love that consumes us as humans, that we can not comprehend the strength of the love that Jesus had for God, and even us as His Brothers and Sisters.  Such love requires a heart that is childlike, and to love others more than ourselves.  To see that the things of this world compare to nothing in value to the things in God’s world.  Because God is beyond ALL.

God loves us no matter how many times we make mistakes.  God takes care of us, despite how many times we get angry at Him.  God gives us another day to wake up to, despite us ignoring Him, in our lives.  All He asks is that we talk to Him everyday; that we acknowledge His Love for us.  He wants us to spare a moment for Him, so that He can show how much He loves us.  His Love Conquers all; and truly has CONQUERED ALL.

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