A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Love’s Warrior


As Jesus walked on this Earth, with His Life, he showed all of us, how to be God‘s Warriors of Love.  We love all beyond all our might.  We seek God’s Love with all of our being.  We constantly seek to be loved unconditionally; but how many times do we unconditionally love others the same way that we seek to be loved?  That is what Jesus Christ meant by Golden Rule.  We must do unto others, as we would have done unto us.  In a nutshell, “treat others as to how we would like to be treated.”  So in order to receive unconditional love, we have to unconditionally love others.  This unconditional love is not only restricted to family and friends, but also to strangers and enemies alike.  This is what will separate us from TRUE BELIEVERS, and the BELIEVERS in God’s Gospel of Love.  God wants TRUE BELIEVERS in His Kingdom, not just people who half believe in what He expects of us.

By becoming God’s Love Warriors, we unconditionally love all those that walk within our path, without expecting anything in return.  We should simply love, for the sake of it being rooted within us, to love.  God created us to love; not to become superior over the other.  We are all equal in God’s Eyes; therefore, if we have understood God’s Message…we would understand that we have to love all equally as He does.  So to understand unconditional love, it takes having a daily relationship with the Father of Creation.  It requires, taking time out of the busy life of this world, and talk things over with God.  And there must be a transformation of the mind, heart, and soul; which is seen through the way we conduct ourselves.  When we are in tune with God’s Unconditional Love, we will constantly be in tune what is RIGHT or WRONG in His Eyes.  And that is when we will focus on holding ourselves responsibly, rather than pointing out the flaws in our brothers and sisters.  God is beyond the ways of this world; do you think that you can hide anything from Him?  He knows all of our weaknesses, and strengths.  However it is up to u to repent for the wrongs we commit; and make our hearts clean enough for God to speak to us.

To love unconditionally requires a Divine Enlightenment.  And the truth of such love, can only be FELT….not seen with the human eyes, or heard with the human ears.  Just as God’s Love for us is without any conditions, and abundant in nature…we too are asked to do the same.  Jesus Christ demonstrated this on the Cross at Calvalry; and with His Own Life.  He loved despite me faithful, or a sinner.  He loved, despite be accused of something He did not do.  He loved beyond all the beatings of Man.  He love us unconditionally; and loved God more than Himself.  When one has understood the true meaning of unconditional love, they will practice it themselves.  They will be as transparent as a window.  Loving without expecting anything in return.  A selfless kind of love.  SELF LOVE, love with certain conditions, and will only select a few people to unconditionally loe.  God asks us to do differently as His Warriors of Love.


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