A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

For All The Lost Children

Father God, I wake up each day;

Wondering how I can serve you, with the things that I do & the words that I say.

You show me each day how much you love me…

And remind me of how through Jesus Christ, you have set me free.

As a child, I heard You;

Singing to me as I play….

And asked me to sing with You, so that I will never stray away.

As I laid down to sleep each night;

I spoke to You, through my prayers, for all those I loved, with all my might.

As I grew up I realized how good things were in my life;

Despite my own struggles and strife.

I began to learn about all of the lost children;

Who could not sing back to you, the way I had and continue to do today…

Father God, I could only imagine how you feel;

When you see so many of us as Your Children so Lost on this Earth;

Breaking every commandment, to sin, to give birth.

You had created all of us to be found by the Good Shepard that died on the Cross;

So that we, as Your Children, could no longer be Lost….

Little ones that are barely given the chance….

For themselves to live, to take a stance….

Against what evil has plotted for so long;

To steal from you, what Jesus set right on the Cross, for us in you to remain strong.

So many of Your Children yearn to see Your Face;

But evil makes things so difficult for many to keep running the race…

Father, have mercy on all of the lost children;

Who do not know any better…

So as I did, as I was a child;

I pray to You, with tears streaming down my face, and words so mild…

Forgive me each time I fall off the Path…

I have definately done all the math…

That I will endure all that is needed to enter Your Home;

So that in Your Kingdom I can sing with You, and forever roam.

For all the little ones that did not have the chance;

Dear Father, please for them take that stance….

And for those who choose to continue to be lost…

Please Father, keep reminding them of that freedom that they so enjoy, what it cost.

For Jesus died, because He loved us all…

At the cost of His Life, he paid the price for all sin great and small.

This poem is for all the Lost Children…..

Who had no voice to stand on their own…..

God has told me….He will bring you all home.


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