A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

“Truth is not Seen or Heard; but Felt by the Heart.” -Jesus Christ

No truer words could have been expressed.  It is demonstrated by every single living thing on this earth.  God gives this instinct within all of His Creations.  It is the matter of tapping into this instinct, by fine tuning yourself to being receptive to God’s Existence within our lives.

When you look outside, which living thing does not demonstrate this TRUTH?

1.  The Trees in the fields, do they not change colors when they FEEL a shift from a hotter temperature to a cooler one? Or shed their leaves?

2.  The animals in the wild, do they not run away the moment they SENSE danger for their herd or for themselves?

3.  The flowers in the wild, do they not lean towards the sunlight, in areas where they feel that they are not getting enough?

4.  Look at the little children….do they not cry or scream, when they SENSE a stranger?

It does not require a high IQ to know God Existence.  It does not require logic or even education….it requires for you to tap into what God has already planted within you, so long ago, upon your conception, into existence.  That is proof of God’s Existence, right there!  When we are in a daily communication with God, He makes us FEEL His Truth and Love.  We can be angry with Him; sad with Him; loving Him; frustrated with Him; thanking Him….it doesn’t matter.  Through it all, He puts His Loving Hands on us, to make us FEEL HIS TRUTH.  God is everywhere, and in everything.  You can tap on His Shoulder, at any time, and anywhere, for that matter.  And anyone that has done so, and felt that truth…will will uphold that truth at all costs…and finally understand that the things of this world, truly do not have any value, in comparison to what God’s Truth holds.

To understand this, requires a higher level of thinking.  It requires you to unshackle yourself from what you can see with the human eyes, and from what you hear with the human ears.  It requires you to feel the truth amongst the things of this world.  This is a gift from God, upon seeking Him with your whole heart and soul.  It requires you to believe in the Unseen…and believe in what you feel is truth.  We are ALL capable of it.  God has put it within ALL of us, upon our conception, in our mother’s wombs.  It’s a matter of fighting the evil that surrounds us, everyday, to suppress us from tapping into this.  If we seek to get out, God will always make a way for you to be able to come to Him.  We have to use our freewill to choose to find Him…..and upon us making that choice…He we can grab a hold of that constant outstretched Hand.  God does not care about our pasts at that point….because we came to Him….He will forgive it all, and wipe our slates clean.  He judges not what we have done in our lives, but on the intention of the heart and soul.  And when we constantly come to Him in guidance with this, that is when He guides us away from evil; and onto His Path, back home to Him.

What people do not understand is that God originally meant for us ALL to live within His Paradise.  But so many of us got so lost in this world, being led by Satan and his evil….that this will no longer be possible. Many of us constantly choose to live for the ways of this world.  It has come to the point that we have become as arrogant enough to call ourselves, “gods”.  It has come to the point where some of us believe we can outsmart God.

Well, the truth of the matter is, when Jesus, as His Son, returns….the TRUTH that God has asked all of us to FEEL for, in our lifetimes, will finally be thrown into the realities of this world, so that it can be seen with the human eyes, that were blinded by evil; and heard with the human ears, that were deafened by evil, from God’s Truth.  And God’s Wrath is by far, the worst imagineable.  God gives us our lifetimes to come back to Him…..HE GIVES US ENOUGH CHANCES.  Though we may not be able to predict our deaths, we have each day we wake up to come to God. How many of us do that?

In the end of times, Jesus will return with His Army of God’s Angels….and will finally caste out Satan and any trace of his evil.  This will include those who remained shackled to his evil, and the ways of this world.  What people do not understand is that upon Jesus dying on the Cross, that was the beginning of the final countdown of evil’s rule on this earth.  And since then, evil has been trying to destroy as many of God’s Creations as possible.  God sees ALL; do you think there is any outsmarting of Him?  People expected God’s Savior of the world to be characterized by earthly parameters.  By being the “KING of KINGS”; people expected Him to appear in the earthly measures of a King.  However, God says, He is BEYOND the world’s ways….so why would He bring His Son, in those terms to this earth?  He wanted us to FEEL the truth, beyond what we SEE with our earthly eyes, and HEAR with our earthly ears.  And Jesus was the TRUTH that walked on this earth at one point….that we were to FEEL.

So, other than what you SEE with your eyes, and HEAR with your ears….have you FELT God’s Truth today? Or any day?


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