A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Born Again in Mind, Body, and Soul

God did not call us to be successful; just faithful.  The fighter, like our Master is pierced and full of pain.  He, like Paul, may even be bound and beaten.  But he remains.” –Mother Theresa


These are such powerful words.  Many people are led to believe that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must have led PERFECT LIVES. And that once we have sinned, we can not go back to the Father of Creation.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG.  Only evil will propagate such thinking, in order to hold your weaknesses over your head.   But if you have read the Bible, God has shown us in so many ways, that He forgives our every flaw, as long as we have changed from those ways, that violate His Laws.  This is what being “born again” means.  You are “born again” by changing from you old sinful ways, to a new way of life that is free from that flaw.  So, how do you know that you are born again?  When that sin no longer attracts you to do it again; or when you can easily resist from doing it again.  And you have complete remorse for ever doing it, because it violated God’s Law.  You see God does not force us to follow His Laws.  He gives us the choice, the free will to do so.  He wants us to choose His Ways.  This is how He knows who are true believers in His Ways of Love; and those who are not.

Faith is the longing of the heart to meet the Father of Creation.  And God gives us till the last breath in our human bodies to seek Him with a born again heart and soul.  That is why EVERYONE in God’s Book, get the chance to redeem themselves, and to enter the Gates of God’s Kingdom.  It’s a matter of taking that chance.  By seeking Him requires you to take on a life very similar to that which was demonstrated by Jesus Christ, as His Son.  It requires you to detach yourself from the ways of this world.  By this, it is meant that you should not value the ways of this world more than the ways of the Father of Creation.  He says that He is not of the ways of this world.  He requires you to see and hear things with the words that He has put within our hearts, since the moment we were conceived in our mother’s wombs; not by what the world has taught us, that caused us to modify such ways.

We are allowed to have flaws.  But if we have recognized them as flaws, God is asking us to change from those flaws, wholeheartedly.  Why?  Because He sees that these flaws hold us back from the greatness that He created for all of us to be.  He loved us as much as to send His Son, to die on the Cross to reestablish a pathway back to Him.  How was that path originally destroyed? Upon Satan introducing sin to Mankind in the Garden of Eden.  Satan wanted us to become so lost within this world, so that we will never find our way back to the Father of Creation.  Why?  Because He would never be able to taste the riches of God’s Kingdom again, himself. And that anger is what is driving Satan’s plan to lead away as many people as he can, from God’s Kingdom.  But upon Jesus dying on the Cross, God created that pathway back to Him.  And since Jesus’ Resurrection, it began the final countdown of Satan’s time for existence.  So he has been running rampantly through out the earth to take away as many people as He can.

So, how does one become “born again”?  It is only by developing a relationship with God.  SO how does one do that?  Just simply take a moment to talk to Him everyday.  He takes a moment to talk to you everyday?  How?  He allows for you to wake up to a new day, everyday.  That is how He shows you how much He loves you everyday.  So why is it so hard for us to do the same?



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