“An Eye for an Eye, Makes the Whole World Blind.” -Mahatma Gandhi


I would like to thank a special friend of mine that inspired this Blog entry………


Many times, Mahatma Gandhi has made reference to Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount.  The title of this entry, is no different, in that regard.  Anyone that has taken Jesus Christ’s words to heart, have all been inspired to lead a life that is free of nonviolence, and wrath.  But a way filled with pure love.  In fact, Jesus did proclaim that the Old Testament‘s Law of “Eye for an Eye” to be replaced with “Turn the Other Cheek“.  It states it right there, in the Sermon on the Mount.  To understand this is one thing; but to LIVE it is what makes you stand out from the rest, in God‘s Eyes.  And that is what people like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi; Mother Theresa (just to name a few) did, with their lives.  The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible; and a great synopsis of what God expects of us.

What Jesus meant by this is that no matter how much we are wronged in the earthly sense, we have no right to harm any of God’s Creations.  Wrath, is one of the 7 deadly sins.  Wrath is not up to us, but up to God, in the end.  In fact, we should not also, anticipate for those that wrong us, to get “punished by God”…because that is, in a form, an “eye for an eye”.  We were all created to LOVE.  Even as Jesus died on the Cross, convicted of a crime He did not commit, He died in Love for all of Mankind…for those who loved Him, for those that hated Him….for those that did not know Him…and those that served Him everyday.  The cycle had to end somewhere…and God asked us, through the example of His Son, Jesus Christ, to end the cycle of “eye for an eye”.

We live our lives, holding ourselves accountable to God.  Not awaiting the consequences of this earth, when we have not followed God’s Ways.  God states, in the end of it all, we all stand before Jesus, on the Day of Judgement, and He will pass judgement on us, based on us holding ourselves accountable for our own actions; by the intent of our hearts, which will be reflected within the purity of our souls.  Only God can see such things….no man on this earth can forsee this of themselves. We must remember this.  When we live our lives, holding ourselves accountable for ourselves, that is when we remove the log from our own eye, to see what is present in the world around us.  By overcoming our own sins, can we only help others see theirs and through our testimony in overcoming, helping them to overcome theirs.



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