A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


As the days goes by;

I sit in my bed and cry…

Thinking of all the things that occurred within that day;

Of wrong that were noticed and ignored, went without a say.

How many times does one justify a lie?

Whether big or small, still false in God‘s Eyes.

We have justified killing, stealing, and scheming;

That would allow for us to “survive” for the reward of earthly riches that keep ungodly hearts, dreaming.

Today, people are so quick o point a finger;

Instead of refining themselves, they allow for their pride to dominate and linger.

We are now entering a day where evil is reigning over the world and its ways;

Our goal must be to stay focused on God, in the end that is what pays.

For God loves us so muc…can you not see?

By sending His Son, Jesus, they both showed us how to live…to be.

To love unconditionally for all those that come near;

Loving all that is from a Divine Source, is how of our lives, we must steer…

Away from any earthly gain controlled by ego, pride or money…is clear.

Just as God, Our Creator, knows of our weaknesses…our flaws;

Satan knows of them all, as well, manipulates each one to get you into his claws.

As long as we are grounded in the teachings of Jesus, constantly being spiritually fed;

Away from evil, and towards God’s Eternal Kingdom, is where our lives will be led.

Today the world is trying to erase the memory of Jesus and His Ways;

As Christians, we are taught to respect all of GOd’s Creations…the variety that He lays…

We must stay focused on Jesus’ Life Example, to Him and God, we should solely praise.


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  1. foodforthespiritualsoul

    Reblogged this on Food For the Spiritual Soul's Blog and commented:

    “The Silent Battle” is a poem which was inspired by me during a particularly trying time in my life, within my spiritual walk. And seeing that I am going through another stage of transition in my spiritual walk, I thought that this would be a good poem to post again.

    Remember that yes, there are wars all over the world, but we ALL are in warfare of our own, everyday, a SPIRITUAL WARFARE

    March 8, 2013 at 7:41 pm

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