A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Jesus Understands…..

When we have chosen to seek God, we will begin to see the world in a different way.  It’s as if God gives us a new set of glasses, to see the world.  He says that He is beyond the ways of this world.  So what does that mean to us, as His Children.  He displays His Love for us, in the most unconventional of ways.  It is through the life of Jesus Christ, that God showed us how we were to live our lives.  It is through His Unconditional Love for us, that Jesus Christ died on the Cross to unshackle us to the ways of this world, whose ways that God is beyond.

I think what many people forget is that the main reason Jesus, as the Son of God, came down to earth, and lived amongst us, was for the reason of showing us that He understands all that we go through in this life.  When we feel all alone, Jesus Himself, felt that no one understood Him because He preached God’s Words.  When we feel ridiculed, Jesus Himself, has felt that very same way.  In fact, on the night of the Last Supper, Jesus says, “When you feel persecuted, remember that I was persecuted before you.”  When you feel betrayed by friends, remember, Jesus too was betrayed.  When you are being accused of something you did not do; remember that Jesus was not only accused of something He did not do, but was put to death by the false claims.  EMPATHY is what Jesus showed us…that he understood because He chose to.  As the Son of God, He did not have to endure all of the earthly trials that we go through. However, He chose to, out of His Love for us.  Out of God’s Love for us.

One of the hardest things to do in our lifetime, is to focus on our Path to God.  God never said that we could not fall off.  Afterall Jesus did say that  He came to be , “The Phsyician of the spiritually ill, not the healthy alone.”  In this life, we are called to understand all those that we encounter in our paths.  Because that is what Jesus did.  That is why He was able to forgive the sinner and the faithful, alike.  He was able to love both the Pharisee and the faithful follower, the same.  The key is that we remain faithful in seeking God.  Especially in moments where we feel we have fallen off the path.  A heart that is grounded, and has taken root in God’s Words of Love, will uphold the truth of that Love, at all costs.  Even if it means, that they must go against the grain; or stand alone, while doing so.  A life that has dedicated to serving God, will not feel completely at peace with itself, unless it is doing what it is called to do…and that is serving God.


Through God’s Endless Love, Jesus Christ came down to Earth.

Through Jesus’s Life on this earth, He showed us how much He loved us by enduring all of the earthly trials that we do.

He loved us more than Himself, enough to die on the Cross for all of Mankind, to be unshackled to Evil.

Next time you feel unloved, remember what Jesus did for you…for all of Mankind…..


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