Hearts that are pleasing to God…..

“Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Though many of us will find comfort in this thought, what does it truly mean?  I actually sat and meditated on this thought.  It is repeatedly stated through out the Bible. So what does this mean? Some may interpret this as, “There is no need to change, because God sees my intention.”  Well this is only true, to a certain extent, at least to me.  We should constantly be in tune of what God expects of us.  That is what Jesus taught us through His Life, and even Death on the Cross.  We should always come to Him first, as to what His Will for our lives are.  There is no use in fighting it, because it is what is ultimately done.

However, when it comes the conditions of the heart, to which only God sees, this requires a constant refining, to what God expects of us.  A heart grounded in God’s Unconditional Love, will always feel when it is not doing something that is in line with God’s Laws.  A heart that is in constant communion with God and His Ways, will always follow whereever God takes them.  This will be a heart pleasing to God.  The intentions of the heart will always want to love others, more than themself.  It does not stand for anything of the SELF.  Is that not Jesus demonstrated with His Own Life?  He died on the Cross, for the sake of unshackling ALL OF MANKIND from evil.

A hear that is pleasing to God is a heart that yearns to do God’s Work, to seek how to Love, as Jesus did.  Love unconditionally.  To love in ways that do not violate God’s Divine Laws of Love.  A heart that feels the moment that it does so, to want to fix it, and make it right in front of God.  A heart that is not afraid to love.  A heart that is not afraid to go against the earthly ways that are not in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love.  This kind of heart is confident in its stand, because it always honors God.  The same kind of fearlessness that Jesus displayed at the Cross.  The same kind of fearlessness that Jesus demonstrated by preaching God’s Words to everyone that He encountered.

So a heart that is pleasing in God’s Eyes, requires to battle the things of this world.  It needs to constantly be tested, to break away from the ways of this world.  It needs to be refined, and polished, just as a diamond in the rough is, to become polished and shining in God’s Eyes.

It is not an easy path, but a path that must be taken.

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