A heart grounded in Jesus Christ’s Teachings is a heart devoid of fear

Jesus came to this earth to give us the tools to fight against evil. He provided us with the tools that we need to defeat and conquer evil.  What we have to keep in mind is that there are 7 deadly sins:

1. Pride

2.  Sloth

3.  Greed

4.  Gluttony

5.  Envy

6.  Wrath

7.  Lust

These are sins that will prevent us in finding our way back to the Father of Creation.  Jesus, as the Son of God, came down to earth to live amongst us, to show us how we can live a life free of fear from evil.  This is by living and preaching the Gospel of God’s Unconditional Love.  It is not about seeking where evil exists, and avoid that.  That is only half the battle.  We must know what to do when facing it straight in the eye.  There will come a time where it will be hard to distinguish between good and evil.  And as Jesus said, “Truth is not seen or heard….but felt.”  And God’s Truth can only be felt by a heart that is grounded in God’s Unconditional Love, which has humbled itself in the presence of the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  We must rid ourselves of the qualities of the 7 deadly sins.  Otherwise we will only allow for evil to shackle us to his ways, that are running rampantly on the earth.

Jesus died on the Cross knowing and recognizing that there is still Good in Mankind; that God’s Love still remains in their hearts.  The desire to still seek God and His Ways of Love still remains in the hearts and souls of all.  It is just the matter of tapping into it, and allowing for God to take over.  The Father of Creation seeks for all of His Children to come back to Him, it is just the matter of  listening as to how to do so.  There are no compromises when it comes to God’s Unconditional Love.  He loves you enough to give you till the last breath in your earthly body to ask Him how to.  He says He is not of the ways of this world, so to conform to them, would only allow us to enter a path that will only lead to our demise, by shackling us to evil’s ways.

We must remember that the fear that evil tries to instill in us is based on scaring us with earthly means…by human logic.  By having a heart rounded in God’s Unconditional Love, just as Jesus did, allows for us to see beyond the ways of this world, and see what is of value in God’s Eyes.  That fear will disappear.  Because we will see that the logic of this world is really nothing in comparison to that which God can show us through His Unconditional Love.  That is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life and His Death on the Cross, at Calvary.  He will return again, one day….how will your faith stand before Him?


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