A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God’s Love is Everywhere and in Everything

In this day and age, it is getting more difficult to uphold God‘s Gospel.  But did not Jesus show us that He too, was not exempt from Evil’s Temptations?  We must continue to live and breath God’s Gospel, and the truth behind it.  As the Book of Revelations states, “The once unacceptable, will be acceptable.  And the once acceptable will become unacceptable.” We must forge ahead, with God’s Words, as the Lamp onto our Paths, on this Earth.  In the end, it is only through a heart that has its foundation in God’s Gospel, that we will be able to discern the deception that Evil tries to shackles us to him, with.  Did not the people during the time of Jesus, mock Him, for His Words, and Way of Life?  Did they not persecute Him?  And even when such things did not bother Him, because of being bound by Divine Law….did they not try to ban Him?

What we must remember is the Father of Creation sent down His Son to this Earth, to live amongst us, in order to show us the tools we need to defeat evil….to obtain God’s Truth within our Hearts.  Memorizing the words is not enough….we must understand them…be convicted of them enough to LIVE by them, and for our hearts to be ruled by such Truth. We must remember that Divine Logic can trump all Human Logic.  God’s Truth will trump all Human Truth.

We must live our lives in complete awareness of God’s Presence.  Once we realize that we were created by an Omnipresent God, you will only humble yourself, and bow down to such grace and love that will completely make you fearless when staring evil in the eyes.  You will feel nothing but sorrow for such souls that can not feel this awesome love; and even sympathy for those who decide to mock such love.  Such love has shown through the ages, that it can heal the coldest of hearts, and even conquer evil without touching it.  That is what Jesus Christ displayed with His Death on the Cross, by His Love for all of Mankind.  There is only ONE Jesus Christ, and many disciples.  There can be many more, if people can see what is beyond the things of this world…

God says He is in everywhere, and in everything.  That means His Unconditional Selfless Love, can come from anywhere, and anything.  We must keep our strength in God…and He will constantly provide His Strength….when called upon.  Such hearts that know this will be fearless.  And will be bound by God’s Law, and uphold it at all costs. We must CHOOSE where we want to be…upon that final day.  God wants hearts that truly choose Him and His Ways, not just out of fear or by force.  The things of this world are nothing in comparison to the value of Love in God’s Kingdom.  God’s People are not servants to Man’s Ways, but of God’s Truth.  And they will uphold it at all costs, just as Jesus Christ did.  And when He returns…it is these servants that humbly bowed down out of their Love for God, that will return back to the Kingdom with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is Awaiting for His Return…..and Evil is ending its reign….it’s in the FINAL COUNTDOWN.


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