When You Face Trials in Your Life…Remember it is Evil Getting Angry

Someone wise once revealed to me,”As a person that decided to dedicate themselves in serving God, remember the trials that you face, is Evil getting angry at how much more stronger you are getting in your faith.” The more trials you face, the more angry evil is getting with you for moving away from its ways, and moving one step closer to your path towards God.  Evil asks us to get lost in the ways of this world….and to shackles us to it, as a result of this.  While God, the Father of Creation, asks us to free ourselves from the ways of this world, because He is not of it.  We are to follow His Ways of Unconditional Love, whose ways are far above any of those of this world.  

When we live a life that is free of troubles and trials, we as people who chose to walk this spiritual path towards finding our ways back to the Father of Creation, we should consider….are we not threatening evil? We must remember that the stronger we become in our faith, the more worried evil gets.  Why?  This is because it has not conquered the soul within.  Evil knows, Satan knows, that his time in reigning on this earth is running out.  In fact, the final countdown for his reign began at the Cross in Calvary, when Jesus Christ died for all of Mankind.  He defeated….CONQUERED evil at the Cross.  This is when God had said to Satan….your days are numbered.  Since then, Satan has been running around rampantly, like an angry child throwing a tantrum…trying to claim as many souls as he can, to take away from the Father of Creation.  WHY?  Because he knows that he can never enter back to the Kingdom of God; and if he can never  enter back….then he does not want anyone else to feel what he can NEVER feel again.  

So remember when you are facing trials in your life…remember to stand stronger in your faith.  Evil is only getting angry that you are not conforming to his ways.  In fact, he is angry that you are moving away from his trick and trances.  When you have a life that is free from such things…..you may want to consider where your faith stands.  Is it with the ways of this world…..or is it with the Father of Creation?  Jesus Christ showed us through His Life, that Evil will throw trials and even torture, to the point of death….to throw you off of the Path of God.  THINK ABOUT IT?  Even the SON OF GOD, Himself, was not exempt.  Jesus Christ came here not to start a religion, but a way of life.  He showed us that God forgives everyone, that you do not need to lead a PERFECT life.  All it takes is asking with a humble heart to forgive your wrongs, in front of the Father of Creation, and He will wipe your slate clean.  Jesus came here to be an Example.  Instead of getting caught up in memorizing His Words…look at how He lived those words…..Those are the tools to defeat evil.

Remember a heart rooted in the Unconditional Love that Jesus Christ displayed at the Cross is one that is devoid of wrath or anger.  It is one only filled with saddness for those who are too blind to see the Love that Our Father in Heaven has for all…..and filled with gladness for the Love that He has shown us, as His Faithful.  Stand strong in your faith…endure the trials proudly.  You are getting one step closer to God….and one step away from Evil.  And 1,000 steps closer in conquering Evil.

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