God Truth Always Prevails

In life, we must learn to stand on our own ground, and realize that we must empathize with the world around us.  It is not only the right thing to do in life, it is what we are required to do when we have this time on this earth. It is those who learn how to put others before themselves, that become true servants of Man; and ultimately of the Father of Creation. In such people, God see such people as valuing His Ways, which are not of this World; and realizing that His Ways are far superior than the Ways of this World.

When we conquer our trials and tribulations on this Earth, we realize the strength that the Father of Creation can give us. Because it is only through His Strength that we can come out triumphantly; and not by our own strength. This is what Jesus showed with His Death on the Cross at Calvary. No matter what the schemes of Man bring to us in life, Jesus died on the Cross for the sake of defeating the Evil force that make these schemes of Man. Jesus came, as the Son of God, to show us how we were expected to live our lives in complete obedience to God. God never said we had to live a perfect life; but to recognize His Existence in your life.  He is the One that allows for you to wake up each day, to live another day on this Earth. He is the one that give the animals in the wild, things to eat.

We must remember that there is only ONE GOD. We can not be gods ourselves. We are flawed as human beings, upon the sin that was introduced to us by Satan, at the Garden of Eden. As a result we are very vulnerable to sin, and Evil’s Ways. But at the same time, God makes His Truth available everywhere. So we have the CHOICE to CHOOSE God’s Ways.  He never forces us. Unlike Evil, who bombard us, and force us to be exposed to its ways, and distortion of Truth. God is the One that created everything that is in Existence. In the end, the Father of Creation’s Truth always prevails. And no matter what falsehoods try to come about, of this Truth, it truly does not matter. He is confident in this Truth. And we should be just as confident in His Truth. We must constantly refresh ourselves in our faith. We must strengthen ourselves with God’s Strength. We must begin to believe in God and His Ways. Once we have faithfully accepted God and His Ways, we truly begin to see the Truth behind Evil and its ways, and God and His Ways of Truth. We just begin to see things very differently. With the Father of Creation’s Guidance, we will begin to see it for its true value.

When we seek God and His Truth for ourselves, we will begin to see the Truth, the way He always wanted us to see it. We must also remember that God gave us the most important thing to keep guard over, and that is our soul. Jesus saw the value of them, by dying on the Cross. Jesus came to live and die, so that Mankind can be delivered from the Hands of Evil. Evil’s rule ended on this Earth, upon Jesus Christ dying on the Cross at Calvary. And Evil has been running rampantly on this Earth, to try to grab as many souls away from God, as it can.

So with confidence know that God’s Truth will always prevail. Know that Jesus Christ defeated Evil upon His Death on the Cross. His Truth, as the Son of God, has withstood the sands of time; despite the schemes of evil. So endure, for the sake of Truth.


3 thoughts on “God Truth Always Prevails

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    1. foodforthespiritualsoul Post author

      My Brother, I am open to listening and understanding the beliefs of many, because Jesus Christ asks us to understand one another. But my love for Jesus Christ does not need to be proven to the earth; but by my soul, who is seen by God alone.

      I personally subscribe to that of Jesus Christ’s Teachings, which are ways of Nonviolence, Love, and Mercy. One who sacrificed Himself, for the sake of saving others, instead of subscribing to taking on the fight with a weapon. He decided to stop the cycle of destruction, with Himself, by dying on the Cross, at the cost of His Earthly Life, but showing Love and Mercy till His Last earthly breath. And asks those who subscribe to His Teachings to do the same. Many of His Disciples did the same, by “turning the other cheek; and has revolutionized the world with unconditional love, not only to those that love us back; but also to those that do decide to mock and persecute such love. Jesus showed me that “eye for an eye” is a form of wrath, which is not mine to take, but God’s alone; through this very act of dying on the Cross, at Calvary. I choose not to harm others, though they may harm me, for the sake of upholding the Teachings of my Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ.

      You are more than welcome to come here and continue reading my writings…..because I make it very clear that my inspiration for my writings is from the Teachings of Jesus Christ. And I just hope that HE sees that it is fit, to show how much I love Him, and in honor for what He did for me, at the Cross in Calvary.

      God Bless…


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