The Father’s Gift to us….


I think the most important thing ANY parent can pass on to their child, is something that the child him/herself can perpetuate within themselves. A tool to which the engulf to which molds them to who they become, as a human being. And this is what the Father of Creation does with us everyday.

No matter what Satan and his evil tries to do, in order to destroy us, God shows us, everyday, how much He loves us. He has shown that He will go through any extent to show us His Love. He has shown us that He loves us so much, that He would do anything to save us, as He demonstrated with the Death of His Own Son, Jesus Christ, at the Cross at Calvary. Though we may understand His Ways in life, that is what makes US, His Children…..while He is the Father of Creation. His Ways are far beyond any our understanding.  Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, for one purpose, to live, to die, in order to save ALL of Mankind. It is as simple as that. God’s Message…through Jesus Christ is very clear in this. While He passed by on this Earth, Jesus Christ showed us how God wanted to live our lives here on this Earth. He taught us what God tells us are tools to defeat Satan and His Evil. To have the faith to believe in the Unseen God, takes an immense amount of strength. To live by it, takes even more. However having this faith, will show you things that are beyond the ways of this world, to things that are beyond all human logic. God asks us to have a childlike faith in Him….as Jesus Christ told us all, and all will be inherited onto us. Once we have tasted God, that thirst will never leave. That hunger to know The Father of Creation, will more and more.

He never said that we had to lead perfect lives, but to fearlessly feed that hunger….to continuously seek to quench that thirst within us. He asks us that when we do fall off, to get back on to that path….His Forgiveness is Endless, and His Love is Plentiful, to wipe our mistakes away. By sending Jesus Christ, He showed us that. Jesus came to take on the sins of all of Mankind on His Shoulders, and died in our place for it, instead of ourselves. Such love can not be shown in any other way. There is no condition….just to make the choice in believing in that such love can be given….and that it is far more powerful than anything of this earth. It is not a “political movement” or religion…it is a way of life.  That is what Jesus Christ meant to show us through His Time here on this earth.  He is THE GREATEST warrior of Love…because He was God, who walked on This Earth. And He CHOSE to die, OUT OF LOVE for Mankind.

It certainly is not about what is right or wrong in a religion……because God KNOWS who is right…..Jesus Christ KNOWS, as the Son of God, who is right, and died on the Cross, for God’s Purpose for all of Mankind. And the love that God gives His Warriors of Love is so fearless, that it will endure till the end of all time.

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