A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

What Jesus Means to Me…

What Jesus means to me;

Many refuse to see…

He means Love;

Sent from the Father Up Above.


From His Life;

Through all the earthly strife…

He loved endlessly with mercy and saddness;

Due to how easily we fall to evils tricks and badness.


Despite all of the ridicule he endured from those who did not understand;

His continued on with God‘s Will of His Life, knowing where in God’s Kingdom, He stands.

Jesus knew that it will not be an easy road to travel;

For evil will throw everything at him, to fall off Our Father‘s Path for Him…to make him, mentally unravel.


We must remember that the Father, Up Above said that He is not of the world’s ways;

He is beyond all that evil, on this earth to decieve, lays…

So to stay on path, we must not conform to what evil tries to say…

For the Father of Creation has made it clear, that it does not pay.


The path to God’s Kingdom is travelled by few;

And Jesus will return back to lead those who travelled on it, on God’s cue.

Jesus,as the Son of God, edured all He did because He believed…

That we were all worthy of God’s Love, and of evil’s grasps to be cleaved.


Jesus loved us so much to endure all He did;

All it requires is to have faith, like a kid.

This means, to believe in God, with all your might;

And in His Kingdom, you will return, a place where love dwells all day and night.


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