A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God does not call us to be perfect, but to be faithful

When you think of the many miracles and messages of Jesus Christ, what seems to be the theme of it all? What we must keep in mind is that Jesus Christ came to Earth, to live, and die, for one purpose…as the Salvation for ALL of Mankind. However, while awaiting for God‘s perfect timing in the fulfillment of this. While the Son of God, was on this earth, He made it clear, that our faith in the Father of Creation, has the ability to wipe out any sin that we commit. The faith that a person possesses has to be true, and pure in nature.

Jesus has shown that “by our faith, we can be healed”. Look at how many people that were offered forgiveness in the Eyes of God, as a result of this. What we must remember is that Evil will try to convince us that we have sinned so badly, that what ever things we have done, are BEYOND the FORGIVENESS of God.  This is not true at all. In fact, the only way it can be denied, is by denying the Holy Spirit, which is responisble for providing and guiding this very faith, that God says we must possess; and that Jesus Christ, as His Son, states, that can “heal us”. In fact, Jesus, even while be crucified on the Cross, Jesus showed us that we have until the last breath in our Human Bodies, to have this faith, and repent for all, with a humble heart, in the Eyes of God….in order to be able to enter the Kingdom that the Father of Creation has promised us. He demonstrated this, as He forgave the criminal hanging alongside Him, at the Cross, who believed…and wanted to enter the paradise that Jesus professed.

The ultimate key to such forgiveness is by unconditionally love all whom you encounter in your lifetime. If you want to be unconditionally loved by the Father of Creation, He simply asks us to do one thing….”Do Unto Others, as You would have done Unto You.”  In simple terms, “Treat others as to how you would like to be treated.” If you want to be unconditionally loved, you have to unconditionally love others; and God will provide that same thing 1,000 x times over.

God does not say we have to lead perfect lives. In fact, He knows upon Evil introducing sin, in the Garden of Eden, that we will be made very vulnerable to it. He asks us to come back from that sin, and see the value in finding comfort and refuge in His Ways, that are beyond those of this world; and to reject the ways that are not of Him. How do we differentiate such ways…well, this is where refining our faith, with the guidance of the Father of Creation, through the teachings of Jesus Christ…..that we will be led to ways that are in accordance to those of Him.

We must not let evil convince us that we are beyond being forgiven by the Father of Creation, because Jesus Christ came to die, to save all of Mankind. God saw that Mankind was worth saving; and Jesus saw that it was worth living in accordance to God’s Plan for Him.

So as we walk on this earth, we have to forgive easily. We have to love just as easily. We have to remember Jesus in all we do, as the example of unconditional love. God sees everything; and there is absolutely no hiding from the Father. So, why not open our hearts to Him, and just lay it all at His Feet? He promises to forgive…just as long as we ask to be..



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