Unconditional Love shows no Inhibitions to Love Others

Jesus showed us through the many examples in His Life’s Teachings that when it comes to Unconditional Love, it shows no inhibitions or guilt for whom it loves. As the Son of God, Jesus has chosen to sit with the sinners and the faithful; to preach to the rich and the poor…..forgiveness and love spans across all, equally. Such love is what unshackles us to the ways of this world; and brings us one step closer to God. He tells us that this is the only way we can be set free from Evil.

Many times, people get scorned or hurt to love, once they have loved. But we must remember, just as children do, we must be resilient to love again. Because that is the difference between SELF Love and SELFLESS Love. Where one is CONDITIONAL (SELF LOVE) and one is UNCONDITIONAL (SELFLESS LOVE). Jesus always made time for those that requested it; despite what was going on within His Own Life (let’s face it, he was being ridiculed, persecuted, and even continued on with His Preaching, day and night). It did not matter, if someone asked for Him to come, and speak to them….He makes that time…no matter what He felt….or what He was doing at the moment.  That is Unconditional SELFLESS Love.  Unconditional Love can ONLY be selfless in nature. There is nothing more important than another within such love….all is equal. That is why Jesus had to commit the ULTIMATE ACT OF UNCONDITIONAL SELFLESS LOVE…..BY DYING ON THE CROSS FOR ALL OF MANKIND.

It is a timeless theme, that anyone can understand, if they just open up their hearts, and defeat that fear. Fear is something that EVIL thrives off of. In fact it can be the biggest hinderance for any human being to progress within their earthly AND spiritual lives. When it comes to God’s Unconditional Love, there is no hesitation….it just is…..in its existence. There is no RIGHT circumstance….it just is….in its existence. Whenever someone came in contact with Jesus Christ in complete anger…hatred….or ridicule; as the Son of God, He was able to transform every heart to that of complete obedience to God’s Unconditional Love.

Such love can not be shackled by someone who is stuck in the ways of this world. Such a heart can only be with other hearts that are alike in mannerisms and nature. We must understand that to have such a heart…to experiece such a love, we can not define ourselves by the ways of this world; but by the ways of the Father of Creation, Abba, Himself.


Jesus offered His Love for you and all of Mankind. Would you accept it, and do the same?

Jesus offered His Love for you and all of Mankind. Would you accept it, and do the same?

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