A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

The Truth of God’s Unconditional Love

It is important to keep in mind, that as we roam this Earth, that Jesus Christ, made a pathway back to the Father of Creation, for us, through His Death on the Cross. Through His Death, He gave us a direct path to God, in order to communicate, and find our way back home to Him; where He had always intended for us to be. He never told us we had to be perfect, but to come to Him with a humble heart. This world is rampantly running with evil…because evil knows that upon Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross, that its reign over the earth was over. We must remember that evil gets more angry when we realize its existence, along with its flaws. So it constantly tries to pull us away from the Divine Path, that Jesus reopened for us. In fact, the more comfortable, and quiet life we lead on this earth….the less of a threat you are to evil; and conforming to its way. At the same time, the more trials that you face, and run to God as your strength…..the closer you are getting to God, within your life path, back to Him and His Kingdom in Heaven.

Remember what Jesus Christ said, “Very few walk the narrow path to Heaven….”; and “Not everyone that knocks will enter….” We must grow to understand the unconditional love that God has for us all; and demonstrate that same love towards one another. Evil will try to tarnish this love, by telling you that you should only love those that love you. However Jesus said, “You should love ALL, your enemies…friends….neighbors…family….all the same.” It takes great strength to love those that do not love you back; and that is what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross at Calvary….as the ultimate symbol and act of unconditional love. Many want to be unconditionally loved. But how many actually show others the same unconditional love, to which they desire of others. This is why Jesus Christ said, “Do Unto Others, as You Would Have Done Unto You…” Simply said, “Treat others, the way you want to be treated.” Strength lies in living and believing in the ways that Divinity professes, and states that it is beyond what we can see with our human eyes; and hear with our human ears. Jesus said that, “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.” How do we feel for the truth? By growing strong in our faith in God. When we go to God, who says He’s beyond the ways of this world; He will provide us with strength that is beyond ALL HUMAN UNDERSTANDING…..and give us insight to things that can not be attained by the human mind….but only through spiritual logic, guided by our own faith.

Jesus came to show us the way we should live our lives in complete obedience to God, and His Ways of Unconditional Love. We must love, beyond our human bodies and strength. We must love with the soul that God dwells within. The purity of the soul is determined by how easily one can unconditionally love others, despite if it is returned or not. This love is determined and guided by God….



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