A Letter From Jesus to all of His Brothers and Sisters


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

While I lived on this earth, I roamed around telling you of the immense power of Our Father’s Mercy and Love for us all. Many of you listened; but how many of you, truly LISTENED? Oh, how I weep for all of you, as I watch from up above, with Our Father. I have told you, time and time again, that there is more to life, than what you see with your eyes; and hear with your ears. Life is the very Truth that Abba put within you, since the time you were conceived in your Mother’s Womb. Yahweh’s reward and prosperity is given to you, is not defined by the ways of this world…for He has said that He is beyond such ways.

I have pleaded with you to turn from ways that are not pleasing in God’s Eyes; yet you still continue to follow them. For what reason? For earthly gain? Do you not know that the Father of Creation, can have those things taken away, with swipe of His Mighty Hand? You only remember Him, in times of trouble. But how many of you remember Him, in times of happiness? He is the One that brings these moments to you…and showers you with endless love, from up above. I came to this earth, to let you know how much Our Father loves you. He loves you so much that He just waits for you, to reach out your hand to Him, for His Help. He waits for you…with arms wide open. All you need to do, is go to Him.

I died on the earth, in the physical sense, because of His Love for you. He asked me to love you, more than myself; and to die for the sake of saving you from the grasps of evil. Evil wanted to take you away from Him, forever. But I came to take you away from it, forever; and to unshackle to its ways..and becoming its prisoner. I came to bring you back home, with me.

Just remember, I will return. No one will know when; not even I. All happens in God’s Time. Until then, refine your faith; and become stronger in your love for Our Father in Heaven. For this is what will save you from the hands of evil. I will come to pass judgement on those that have forgotten what the Father of Creation has asked of us. It is a simple thing…yet so hard for many of you to do….”To love unconditionally.” The only way we can achieve this is to love God first, in all you do…

I want to take you back home with me.But Our Father in Heaven only wants true believers in His Love; not those that have doubt or do it when it is convenient. Defeat evil; and find strength in God, as I did. And we will meet in the Paradise that Our Father is waiting with arms wide open, to welcome you back home, to Him.

Lovingly Yours Always,
Your Brother….Jesus.


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