A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.



As I lay down to sleep each night;
I can not help but to think and sigh…
With tears rolling down my cheeks;
Barely able to catch my breath, for answers I seek.

For my heart aches for how far we have all come;
From the perfection that God created for all of us to be, in Him to become.
We try to define ourselves by earthly borders;
But Abba says He is beyond all earthly definitions and disorder.

God reveals His Wisdom in everywhere and in everything;
It is just the matter of us seeking…and holding on to each piece…each thing.
Never regret loving anyone that comes in your life path;
For Jesus showed us, and told us to do God’s Math.

Love…love…and love more;
Let it take root within you….allow for it to be your core.
For God’s rewards are great for doing so;
Love with all your heart…go…go…go.

Remember how much you want to be unconditionally love;
And to love others with that same intensity, that Yahweh asks of us, from up Above.
Love will always find you…
And God will love you back with such power…and strength too.


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