Pathway to Heaven

stairway to heaven

What we must remember, as times get tough;
It is evil, making a bluff…
In making you think that there is no hope, and things will only get more rough.
But Jesus showed us through His Own Life and Death,sure enough.

Evil wants you to forget;
Jesus Christ’s Existence, Teachings, Life, and Death…
For Jesus taught us how to get through the tough times;
And how to conquer evil’s tolls of deception and lies.

We must always keep our eyes on the prize;
And ask for God’s Guidance to steer yourself around evil’s lies…
For it is because of God’s Love, shown through Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross;
That we were unshackled from evil’s control, to regain His Children back…He did not want that loss.

As the end of times grow near;
Evil will try to steer God’s Children off of His Path, with greed and fear…
Remember no matter what earthly strife you endure;
It is nothing in comparison to God’s Wrath for not listening to Him, for sure.

Jesus is waiting to return;
So that He can call back everyone that listened to His Message of God’s Love…to which in their hearts burn.
For all those that conformed to the ways of this world;
Jesus will pass judgement, and will pour out God’s Wrath…unfurled.

His love is given so abundantly and freely;
That He gives us till the last breaths in our human bodies to come to him, ideally.
For once we breath that last breath…it will all be too late;
And if we had not come to God….that means we had taken evil’s bait.

There is a time we will all have to answer to our Creator;
Whether some may realize it sooner or later.
God has shed so many tears already;
And Jesus will come one day, to end them all…to bring forth God’s Paradise…good and steady.

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