When Standing Before the Throne….


As I look outside and the see the sun;
I can not help but squeal with glee, at the wonderous light provided by the One.
The deer play and run;
And the wind makes the tree’s branches billow and undone.

Seeing all of God’s Creations makes me so happy;
It brings tears to my eyes…making me feel a bit sappy.
Oh Father God, I am so unworthy of such beautiful gifts;
For the very breath I breathe…makes my spirit lift.

Though sometimes traveling on a lonely path;
You always remind me that though no one of this earth may understand me,that I have done the correct math…
For the path I chose, is travelled by very few;
Where God reveals a tiny window to His Wisdom…that only the privileged can see or do.

Father, forgive me for at times, losing sight of this;
For I know, with all of the earthly struggles and strife, that you have promised your faithful, eternal bliss.
I have understood that the things of this world only provide temporary happiness and joy;
For it is a part of evil’s deception, and its play to be coy.

We must remember that there is a Higher Being that we should hold ourselves accountable to;
For if we forget while living on this Earth….there will come a day where He will remind us of so…
And at the point, it will be much to late to repent;
For at the point our souls will be beyond repair…with hearts that have too many dents.

So be mindful of all that you do, while living your life on this earth;
For it will to our fates, give birth…
Before the Savior on Judgement Day….
When He arrives, make sure that you heart is clean, with all that to Him, you say.

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