A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Faith Like a Child…

Faith like a child

As adults, we fear so much;

However, as children, we feared far less, as such.

When we were children, we easily forgave;

And of the world, from wrong, we wanted to save.

It took so little to make us smile;

From simple words of love, and candy by the piles.

God asks us to love, like a child, in the purest of ways;

For those who take advantage of such love…God surely with justice…pays.

In this world we have come so far;

From what God has all preached through Jesus’ Life and Death…guiding us with the North Star.

Peope have forgotten God‘s Existence in all;

Which has allowed for many, from God’s Grace to fall.

God’s Love is endless and powerful above anything we can ever know;

So have the confidence to go to God, and ask for His Endless Forgiveness, so back in Him…you can grow.

Such unconditional love can only be experienced by a few;

By those whose intentions for the Father of Creation, are pure and true.

Remember that no matter how many times you fall off the path;

Come back to God, with a truly repentant heart…for it’s worth it…I’ve done the math.

For this unconditional love is promised forever;

As long as we seek it, and make it our lifelong endeavor.


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