A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Entrance into the Kingdom

Love knows no saddness;

Neither any baddness…

It only knows truth, that is inspired by the Father Up Above;

That can make a person fly heights as that of a dove.

It trusts unconditionally, without considering any flaws;

But only considering a world full of kisses and hugs…not claws.

All we can do is love honestly, and with truth;

Conducting ourselves, as that within our own youth.

Such love is strong and pure;

Having the power of any sickness to cure.

For such a pure love can change the coldest of hearts;

Spreading all around…in different regions and parts.

It is has the power to revive a life that is dying and weak;

Making an angry heart mild and meek.

There are many who roam this earth that have never felt;

Such pure love…or if they did, did not know how of it, to have dealt.


Once feeling such love, it can make one soar so high;

Making one feel indestructable…as if they can never die.

Never regret sharing such love with another;

For even if that person can not see its value over the other;

God will always see it, and be proud as you honor Him as Your Father.

So fearlessly love, it can really heal the wounded and scarred;

And put an end to evil…from this Earth, have it barred.

For there are so many who have not felt this love;

And have grown to become further away from the Father up Above.

Love as if it is Your MIssion for God;

And receive from Jesus Christ the Heavenly nod…

By healing wounded hearts that are many in number…

Awaken hearts that are in slumber.


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