A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

God’s People Enduring the Persecution

Salvation for the persecuted

In the end of times;
We will witness so much evil, so many crimes…
For each time evil’s deception is used through schemes and lies;
Jesus Christ weeps and cries.

God had foretold that in such times, that things which were unacceptable…
In this world, would be come acceptable…
And His People will encounter great trials, and to suppress their truth..be given ungodly labels.

It brings me to tears everytime;
Seeing allof the dishonestly, and actions that are so subprime.
It is moments like these that I remember most;
What my freedom cost.

For in all of Mankind, God still saw His Love;
And saw that He had to send down His Son, from Up Above.
In order to save His Beloved…what we know as Mankind;
To unshackle them, for the sin Satan had planted in their minds.

In the end, Satan’s Deception will be running around;
Being accepted by those who have lost their way from God, on this Earth gaining ground.
In order to stay on God’s Path;
Make sure you do all of the math.

To have an eternity’s worth of happiness and peace;
It is required for us to remain on the path…in order to put an end to evil…of all to decease.
Satan will try to throw every trick at you;
Knowing your strengths and weaknesses…when to trigger each on cue.

Remember God judges on the intentions of the heart;
Which can not be seen by none other than God, to choose apart.
He seeks those who seek for His Truth;
And cries, disappointed, for those who deny it…and in His Kingdom, will seem, uncouth.

We must keep refining ourselves, and face our flaws;
In order to correct them…and to rid ourselves from Satan’s claws.


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