A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

Enlightened Heart

sacred heart

A heart grounded in Unconditional Love, illuminates the path it walks on this earth;
It only gives rise to happiness and of joy it gives birth.
Revives a soul that sleeping;
And rids evil that is creeping.

Such a heart has no fear;
For God of it all, clears.
He promises that He guards such souls;
From all of evil’s tricks and ghouls.

Love that comes from such a heart;
Is grounded in truth that transforms with just one dart.
This kind of love is undeniable by all;
Having the power to thaw out any cold heart…and for truth to call.

A heart like this is not defined by the world’s ways;
It sees what Divinity puts in its path…in it what lays.
Because of this, it endures so much pain;
For evil of it wants to destroy…and of it to stain.


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